Monday, March 2, 2009

this day

been a long day - I'm not complaining, it was another exciting day to be a part of God's work in the world. Don't know why this is somehow important to you...but it's reflection for here's what my day was like: started with 5 mile run around 5:45. I thought it was cold when frost was forming on all my clothes, but when I got back Sara said it was 5 below wind chill...yeah that's about right. I was cold all day. Anyway after some breakfast and showering I hit the office around 7:30 for some prayer and Bible study (my favorite time of the day - even though e-mails and stuff start piling up). By 9:00 I'm meeting with my admin. asst. Sandi - she's a great help and keeps me organized so I meet with her to see what has to be addressed. Then by 9:30 I'm in a meeting with our Sunday programming team. We evaluate the service (yesterday's was great by the way!) and talk about, plan for and prepare for upcoming weeks. Spent a lot of time today talking about Easter Sunday. By 10:30 i'm meeting with one of many bright young pastors on my staff, Cedric. I just spend time with him each week just sharing whatever wisdom I have (mostly as a result of all the mess ups in 24 years of ministry). By 11:00 the staff comes together for an hour of prayer (every Monday this happens). We share ministries stories (one of our sr. high staff (charlie) was in a video store last night when it got robbed at gunpoint), laugh a lot and then pray for just about everything. After that, I headed to Biaggi's for a 12:30 appointment with a good brother seeking some spiritual counsel. By 1:50 I was back at the office checking messages and taking a breath for my 2:00 with our executive pastor Mark Warren. By 2:30 Amy Randazzo joins us for financial updates (by the way, incredible day yesterday, $23,000 over budget and over 830 families or family units participating in giving). At 3:00 Amy is done confusing me with numbers and Doug Rutter joins Mark and I for our Executive team meeting. We talk about everything from personnel stuff to finances to upcoming teaching emphases, to strategies, to issues within the congregation, to whatever... By 5:15 my wife is tapping on my window for me to come and join her for supper. In a rare appearance of both sons for supper, we were joined at Outback Steakhouse by both Mikey and Caleb (I really have to buy them steak for them to eat with me). It was a good time...conversation was great: "What did you do today dad?" "Not much."


Audrey said...

Mike, it's so funny that people sometimes question whether or not a pastor has enough to do for a 40 hour week (since when have you seen one of those?!). There's definitely more than enough that needs to be done--someone once asked Craig if he took a nap every afternoon--what?! Crazy--I'm glad your day was so good!
We love you guys!

Donna said...

Funny story. When I was a young PK and my Dad was a preacher/youth minister/choir director/ and children's minister, etc. etc. (Only one preacher to a church long ago. Ha) one of my weekly tasks was to iron all of his white shirts. (Read sprinkle/starch, iron.) Since he would be in his office mornings to meet with people, visiting in the afternoon, and having something going on almost every evening, plus church services a.m., p.m., and Wed. p.m., and he changed shirts each of those times, I ironed 17 white shirts per week!! And they call that the "good ole days?"
Thanks, Mike, for all you do.

Nancy said...

"What did you do today Dad?"

"Well, I worked for God today and I didn't even have anyone coming into the church with a gun. It's been a good day."

Can't get much better than that Mike.

Love you!

PS: My intention is not to be flippant about recent happenings elsewhere. We prayed for our sisters and brothers in Maryville this evening. I am just confident that God is in charge. "He's the boss of everything" as I often tell the 2 yr olds.