Monday, June 1, 2009

profound theology

Let me hit you with some really profound theology (even more profound than the sermon I preached yesterday from Deuteronomy 25:11&12 about a wife seizing her husband's assailant by his private parts :-) Yes all of God's Word does preach!) about sharing your faith. Ready? Here goes some real truth you can take to the bank.

If I'm contagious and I sneeze, but no one is around; they won't get what I've got.
If I'm not contagious and I sneeze all over a bunch of people; they won't get what I don't have.

This is not about swine flu (although it got my brain thinking in this way). This is about sharing the good news of Jesus!

It occurs to me that no matter how contagious I am; if I'm not around people they are not in danger of getting what I have. No matter how spiritual I am. No matter how much I love Jesus and am dedicated to all the "dos'" and "dont's" of the Bible; I will never win anyone to my Lord unless I hang out with people who need to be "infected" with the love of Jesus. Many times, we Christians slip into comfortable Christian lives that do not include neighbors, relatives, co-workers, fellow students, etc... who do not have the truth of the good news of Jesus.

On the other hand, I can be as social as I want to be - literally surrounded by dozens of people in close proximity, but if I'm not contagious then they are not in danger of getting anything. No matter how much i hang out with non-Christians. No matter how many times i invite someone to church, or how many Christian fashion statements I make; I will never win someone to relationship with Christ unless i have a true relationship with Jesus. The reason many of us struggle with witnessing is that we really aren't followers. This means that the unbelievers around us don't see anything different that would cause them to want what we have or worse that they see us as hypocrites for saying we are Christians, but acting like the world.

I guess what I'm saying is get something and then sneeze on as a many people as possible!

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Anonymous said...

Well said! Tamara