Monday, August 24, 2009

crazy blessed

Well, that's how I feel on this Monday afternoon...crazy blessed. I was blessed by so much encouragement yesterday returning to preach at Eastview after being on vacation (missed you guys, but not central illinois:-). I am blessed to see what God is doing in all of our staff as we head into the Fall season where everything picks up. I'm blessed to be carrying some pretty big burdens which I'm unable to divulge here (this is the world wide web you know?). They are challenging, but envigorating...I've always liked challenges. I like settling back into the routine of Fall. I need that trip back to structure after the chaos of summer. I'm crazy blessed to have been spending the last two days working on our budget for 2010 and projecting through 2019! Again, this is visionary stuff that depends totally on God, but energizes my faith and daring for Him and His Church. On the budget note, I watched my beloved Cowboys play Friday night in their new stadium that cost 1.2 BILLION dollars to build. It recalibrated my thinking for the Kingdom of God. I thought/prayed: If they can spend a billion dollars to play football, then I should pray, give and encourage others to give millions over the next many years to advance the kingdom. So I'm praying and dreaming about what God may do through the church in the next ten years. I know He'll make it happen! Always has...always will. And that's why I'm crazy blessed. The God who blesses never changes.

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