Monday, September 7, 2009

calm before

Well, it's the end of Labor day weekend and I'm just throwing down a few words before I hit the sack. I had an unusually laid back weekend. Sara was out of town with some college friends Thursday night and Friday morning, so I did some work around the house. Actually (finally if you asked Sara) fixed some broken boards on our fence - very manly :-) I ran each day, had Starbucks each morning and didn't have to rush through some devotion and contemplation. It has given me a nice break heading into the kick-off of our fall campaign "the call". I'm excited to see what God is going to do here. We have had over new people sign up to be in small groups (some formed and some adopted). We have sold over 1,000 of the devotion books we wrote. And our dvd will hit the small groups this week for six weeks of teaching. I really feel like God will use all of this to bring us into a deeply relationship/followership with Jesus!

Got a great opportunity to preach in EDGE on Sunday with the jr. high ministry. Wow, what energy. I had a blast and it took me back to my old youth ministry days (and gave me a lot of respect for what Joel and his team do in there each week). Great kids and I just can't wait to see how God grows them up for his glory. Today was cookout and hangout with some good friends and their families. Nothing like hot dogs, burgers, chips, swimming, bocce and sittin' around getting sunburned to relax the soul. That was the calm....bring on the storm.


Anonymous said...

i was impressed you still had that pic of you and are sentimental after all. :-) it was wild to see her singing on the stage one minute and then on the screen as a newborn the next. time has gone so fast! it's been amazing to watch our children grow, yes?? thanks for doing life with us!

Mike Baker said...

absolutely incredible how much we've changed (hopefully for the better). It has been a joy for sara and I to grow with you as our lives intertwine. love ya,