Monday, February 1, 2010

reflections @ 45

Well it's my birthday today. I'm forty-five years old. I preached the funeral for Norma Gresham today - which many people have thought was a bummer for my birthday - but in a weird way a funeral for an older person who has walked with the Lord is a joy. We have hope. And as I reflected this morning it helps me do the thing the Psalmist says to do "teach me to number my days aright Lord". I don't know how many more days I have, but they are numbered (I thought today that if I live as long as Norma did, I've got 32 more years and if I live as long as my dad, I have 12) Again, none of this is really troubling to me. For whatever reason, I've always been very comfortable with my death and my age (somehow they are related:-). I don't mind being a matter of fact want to get there, and if I keep living I will.

Before "45" reflections however, I want to say how awesome it is that so many responded yesterday at the invitation time for annointing and prayer for healing. It always moves us as elders to minister in this way. I love to see the faith that is willing to walk forward and ask God for healing. I told one couple that was praying to get pregnant that they needed to call me when it happened. Same goes for you...if God works miraculously in healing you, please let me know about it.

O.K. - So I'm forty five now!
* I thought I'd be wiser by now.
* I don't think this is middle-age because I don't think I'll live to be ninety (too much coffee and motorcycle riding)
* I'm close to 50 now than forty and when I get there I can start measuring my life in half-centuries.
* I hope that no matter how old I am, I can preach until I die. I'd love to be that guy who is preaching at age 90 and everyone just marvels at how unable i am to put together a coherent sentence and yet still they love the sermon. Oh yeah, I'm not expected to make 90 - OK how about 75. Honestly, I'm unable to string together many coherent sentences now...oh well.
* I have spent very little time in my life at the doctor's or the hospital...I'm thankful to God for that and hope it continues.
* I don't want to have any age conversation that centers around me having to give up coffee or salt or fat or anything else that makes life enjoyable.
* Although, I don't mind talking about my age...most women do ( I know this from being married to one).
* I'll probably write some lame blog like this on my 46th birthday.
* I wore a suit and tie today for the funeral...I guess this is my birthday suit!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Mike!

In the perspective of the hospital environment, even at age 75 you would still be considered young :-)


Anonymous said...

yikes. please don't talk anymore about your birthday suit.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, mike! i hope the rest of your day is great and even more, i pray this 45th year (actually, it's your 46th year) is full of wonderful blessings, adventure, coffee, fat, and all the things you enjoy (notice i left out motorcycling b/c you don't wear a helmet and i don't approve of that).

you did forget one thing on your list -
*only 9 more years till you can join the spirit lifters! (don't worry, G will be there a few years ahead of you and he can pave the way:)

one more thing off subject, we had a discussion at our small group last night about leprosy (2 docs in our group - one of them a dermatologist) - we ended up on google, and guess what? yesterday, january 31, is "Leprosy Day". no joke!

enjoy your evening. i'm sure mom, sarah and the boys have something special planned for you - as long as it's early enough so you can get to bed on time, old man!

love ya!

John Mark said...

Happy Birthday Mike. Enjoy your senior discount at area restaurants!

Melis said...

I heart you Mike! You make me laugh out loud as I am reading your blog at work which then gives me an opportunity to share Jesus w\my co-workers because they need to know what is so dang funny!

I wanted to share about Sunday. I came up for the healing and let me say that I had been very distant from God for a few days. I was wallowing in my grief and had fallen in lust again and as you talked all service about what was coming I had a lump in my throat. When you finally made the big reveal I crossed my arms and glared up to the Heavans. I was so mad at God for making me deal with things but then of course as the words of Praise washed over me and my Small Group Girls surrounded me my arms slowly fell to my sides, i closed my eyes and let go. My dearest friend offered to go up with me and so we went. I would have been happy to be prayed over by anyone but when we realized it was going to be you my heart softened even more and as you placed your fingers on my forehead I felt a burning. In the moment I thought olive oil, slight friction focus on the prayer and stop thinking but then the moment was over a friend grabbed me who was sitting with your family and had witnessed my need and the tension I had been carrying in my back and neck for days was gone. Vanished. Poof. As I recounted what had happened for my small group girls I realized how special that moment was for me and Jesus. I know we shouldn't be blown away by God's timing but it truly was amazing! I love you Pastor Mike: the way you clearly live encouraged and led by the Holy Spirit and how moving your words and actions are because you get out of the way and let Jesus shine through you! A little over a year ago you prayed over me as I accepted Jesus and Lord and my Savior and Sunday you were right there as He ushered real change in my life and heart. Bless you! :) Happy Belated Birthday!

Mike Baker said...

it is my joy and privilege if I have helped you at all come closer to Christ.