Monday, April 12, 2010

staff kitchen area

A little insight into the area in our office wing where almost everyone on staff gathers from time to time to share a "meal" and conversation. Here's a sample of what you might get there. It may be helpful to know that our staff is pretty young and looking for a handout in the middle of a hectic schedule for lunch. It comes in many forms:

The first Monday of every month usually a celebration of the birthdays in that month. Someone (usually a couple of staff members) brings in a number of food items ranging from "puppy chow" to shrimp cakes or whatever. Believe it or not, you can build a lunch out of cake, some shrimp and carrots from a veggie tray (makes you feel healthier).

Then our building supervisor (Gary Dickson) often surprises us in the morning with an e-mail that his wife (Sandy) has made some more of here awesome cookies (yes cookies are a breakfast meal - with coffee - perfect). From time to time others will make some food just for fun.

As you know we also have a number of events in the building for an assortment of trainings and team meetings that include food. Well, what happens when there is leftover food? Staff kitchen. Just this morning, the fare was spaghetti and bread (the salad didn't make it -very wilty) leftover from step one, and shrimp, cheese, meat, bannanas, and cake from Spirit-lifters. Quite a Monday surprise.

During the Christmas season, we get gift trays from different vendors that we do business with during the year. One company sends us shrimp, smoked salmon and cheese trays...very nice. But the best by far is the "kringle" that Dr. Nord sends us each December. It's an awesome danish...have to experience it.

Sometimes there are donuts left over from morning meetings. Sometimes chips left over from retreats and sometimes there is ice cream left over from camp. Occasionally cold pizza from a variety of events. Of course, we also have some candy jars in the staff mailbox area for that late afternoon pick me up. My personal favorite: Almond Joy (very biblical candy bar - almonds in Palestine and joy - as in fruit of the Spirit).

What's the point of this blog? There is none, just to say the staff seems to always be able to find something to eat in our staff kitchen. One of the perks of working at Eastview. I wonder if the apostles had something like this? If they did, I bet Judas would have eaten 30 pieces of shrimp.

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Dawn said...

Of course Jesus & the disciples had food... leftovers from feeding the 4000 & 5000, and random gleaning of fields when they were hungry (Matt. 12:1)

Enjoy the glorious spring weather!