Monday, May 17, 2010


wash your hands (these signs are everywhere you look - mostly in the restrooms for employees to remind them...always wonder why we need those signs and if they work).

wash your face (it's just a good idea at the end of the day - especially if you are a teen-ager or wear make-up

wash behind your ears (mom used to always say that...are behind the ears a place that really get dirty...or just a place your mom thinks you'll forget.

wash cloth...most guys don't use one...just use their hands to suds up from head to toe...don't even think about those scrubby thingys...just not manly

wash room...another word for bathroom

wash (pronounced "warshed" if you are from some parts of Indiana...which means there is a state named "warshington" and our first president was "George warshington")

wash out..what a road does when it rains a lot

wash - what Jesus didn't do before eating in Luke 11

wash - what the Pharisees did really well (on the outside)

wash - what we did yesterday during a commitment time in both services with first century pitchers and bowls throughout the church

wash - what Jesus did to the feet of his followers on the night of his first meal

wash - what we need for our sins and what water won't do, but Jesus blood does.

It's good to be washed.

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