Monday, October 25, 2010

enemy tactics

Well, I've completed the first course of classes in pursuit of a Master of Arts degree in spiritual formation from the Hargrove School in partnership with Eastview and Lincoln...and it's been great - I've read (a lot!) and had a chance to read and reflect. It's been good...highly recommend it next time through. This leads me to my thought for today. Its from J.K. Jone's lecture notes on the final night of class. He named four tactics our enemy (Satan) uses to keep us from growing in Jesus. Here they are with brief commentary:
1. Satan causes suffering to become self-pity. We all will suffer at some point and to some degree; but Satan wants to turn our pain into bitterness and self-pity. God wants us to turn to Him for healing and peace.
2. Satan causes socializing to become sexualizing. This really describes our society. Every day we encounter tons of people and our culture says they are sexual beings (and they are of course, but they are so much more). We were created to socialize with others, but Satan likes to lead it down a wrong path.
3. Satan causes possessions to become possessors. Again, this one is American culture 101 - we spend out lives accumulating stuff and then we become enslaved to it. Wow. Think about this in your own context.
4. Satan causes privilege to become power. Many of us find ourselves in positions (because of God's grace) that we get the privilege to lead, or be in charge (could be from raising kids to leading a corporation)...and then Satan convinces us that we love the power and we becoem power hungry...and then it's a mess.

Which one of these four do you resonate with most and why?


Just a Normal girl said...

WOW! Can my answer be all of them at some point in my life? I am struggling with the first one right now. I know that struggles are meant to make us stronger and get us to where we are meant to be. But sometimes instead of learning the lesson I wallow in the self pity.

Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Definitely #1. I just have to keep reminding myself it's okay to point the finger, as long as it's toward Jesus, and not other people or myself!

Anonymous said...

I am curious to know which one you resonate with the most and why.

Mike Baker said...

I'd have to agree with Normal Girl and say, "I'm probably susceptible to all of them." But I guess the the temptation for privilege to become power is the one I pray for the most. I am very privileged to be preaching and doing what I get to do - I remind myself daily, that there is only one power - God...not me!

Anonymous said...

I would have to say all but #4. I have a lifetime of unbearable suffering. At present, I have a broken spirit. I have come to God before in a state of heart-break, but never with a broken spirit. This is the most damaged I have felt. I know refuge is in the Lord..yet I am finding it difficult to feel Him in my life.
#2 I know in past relationships, I have been highly charged to feel more connected and loved. I have never been a casual fling sort of person...and won't be. Yet the pain of not feeling self love or worthy of love sometines leads me to seek out the physical love/attention of my partner...when I should be asking God to allow me to feel His love.
#3 I have often become a slave to things. Usually because I feel so empty inside I needed to have something to ease the pain, desperation, intense fear, and self hatred. Problem is, it is only a temporary relief and then I have worsening shame for the attachment to "stuff"...knowing my attachment is with God and seeking His forgiveness and mercy.
I am now at a point I have lost everything! Now I am fighting to keep my faith, and not be a lost soul. You asked "Why"? My simple answer is because I don't value myself as a person worthy of being loved and have no idea of what self worth or self love is, and live each day since childhood with great shame and guilt. That is my why. I hope in revealing my struggle it may help others to identify with the reason...and continue to seek God for love, acceptance, forgiveness, and mercy. Thank you for your time.