Monday, March 21, 2011


Well, if you weren't at church here at Eastview yesterday, you might start hearing a word you're unfamiliar with. The reason is that I made up a word to describe what God is doing around here (you also may hear about an ugly monkey...go look at the video!) these days. In Acts 3, the people who witnessed the miraculous healing were filled with wonder and amazement, in Acts two (vs. 43) the early church is described as "everyone was filled with awe". When God moves in his community of faith the church, the people who make up the church should be filled with awe, wonder and amazement at all God is doing.

The word cramazing comes from a conversation I had in the staff area at church as Nicki was telling me another God story. I said "That is "crazy-amazing". We pushed the two words together and we have cramazing. That's what I think of my God and the church he is working in right now. We are experiencing some cramazing things. Here are a few of them.

Cramazing growth. Even though we were off in attendance yesterday because of spring break, we were still up 500 for the same week last year.

Cramazing giving. We are experiencing a record year for giving this year as a church, but more cramazing is the number of people participating in this giving. We are learning to take greater steps of faith by giving.

Cramazing facebook. I'm not a facebook guy, but several started asking me last night, "what is cramazing?" because so many Eastview people posted using this word. I'm cramazed at how this stuff spreads.

Cramazing preaching. We begin our third annual preaching conference tonight. Daniel Overdorf, preaching professor at Johnson Bible College is our main speaker, we have over 55 registered representing 18 churches from at least four states...more are calling today wanting to register. This is a great time of preachers encouraging preachers and their preaching. If you want to just hear some good sermons over the next few days, you're welcome to show up at Eastview tonight from 6:00-8:00 and tomorrow from 8:30 a.m.- 2:00 p.m. ish.

Cramazing how time flies. It's only four more Sundays until Easter (April 24th). It's Spring and what seemed so far away is quickly approaching. Praying for God to do miraculous things on resurrection Sunday. Bring a friend.

Cramazing healing. Yesterday we ended our service with the elders annointing people and praying over them (James 5 - like). Hundreds responded. Very emotional. Very humbling. Quite cramazing.


O B said...

Just saw your sermon from yesterday, great word from God! You said that the lame man wasn't named in the verses - but, I think they started calling him "Bob." Because they couldn't keep him from bobbing up and down for Jesus! Ha - love you all, give yourself and Sara a hug! ob

Brian said...

This was my first year attending your Preaching Conference and it was spectacular. It was awesome to be able to get together with others called to preach the Word and really dig into the art and science of effectively delivering God's Word. Thanks and we will see you next year!

Anonymous said...

that was my first Sunday attending the services there, and I have to admit, havent went anywhere else since!! I am planning on attending the esteps in June.