Monday, May 21, 2012

presidential stance

Well, it's been a couple of weeks since President Obama stated that he was in favor of legal unions (marriage) for homosexual couples. I have hesitated commentary on it because I don't want to appear to be political. So let me give a few caveats before I comment. 1. I am not republican or democrat...I'm Christian. No matter what label I may wear, Lordship of Jesus Christ guides my every thought, move, and motive. 2. Neither democrats or republicans are more Christian than the other. In my lifetime there have been both democrats and republicans as presidents who profess to be Christians, but I have not seen any that have clearly led based on Bible and Jesus principles. 3. I don't think the politics of America will change the world. God is clearly the King of all Kings - so His Kingdom will prevail regardless of kings and kingdoms of this world. They are all subject to HIM. 4. My job scripturally is clear: as much as possible live at peace with all men...and pray for my leaders (even ones I don't agree with). With that said, I must disagree with President Obama and his stance concerning legal unions for homosexual couples. I could make many arguments here, but I will use one. God list homosexuality as a sin (and any theologian that is trying to make the Hebrew and Greek words for homosexuality mean something else are stretching their scholarship to match what they want to believe). This means that homosexuality (like all sins we commit) leads to death and destruction. There is no joy in sin. Sin will always be destructive in our lives. Again, this is God's Word,not mine though I can tell you that in 27 years of ministry I can't remember anyone's sin choices (mine included) turning out good! Sin is harmful and therefore homosexuality is harmful. This means that the most loving thing I can do is to be against homosexuality (like I'm against gossip, lying, murder, drunkeness, pre-marital sex, etc... If God says it is a sin, I'm against it as a God-follower). So how can I be against homosexuality and love people who say they are homosexual? 1. Treat them as you would any other person with general kindness and politeness. 2. Pray for them. 3. Dialogue with them if they are interested. Don't argue. 4. Serve them if you get an opportunity (again, ask God to open a door for this) 5. Tell them the truth when asked. Some useful phrases I've used over the years: "What if I told you God has a better love than you feel you find in a homosexual relationship?" OR "Since the Bible says, homosexuality is a sin, I don't believe He creates people that way, would you be open to conversation about why you think you are?" 6. As a church continue to hold high the standards held in scripture (for eg. we don't allow anyone to serve in our church who is willingly and obstinately pursuing a sinful lifestyle). It is inexcusable for churches to cave to political pressure instead of holding to God's truth. 7. Vote as the Spirit leads you. 8. Be confident that God is right. A time may come when this biblical stance is in the minority, but it will still be the right stance...because it is God's. Don't let polls or public pressure make you afraid. Sinful people have always opposed God.

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