Monday, June 25, 2012

resources for spiritual growth

One of the great advantages of our culture is having access to an abundance of tools to assist us in our walk of faith...there are literally millions of choices. Let me recommend one that our staff recently completed. It is called "Table Talk" and was written, edited and designed by a team of staff here at Eastview. We have kept the cost low ($6.99) because we want people to have access to it. This book looks like a restaurant menu and is designed to be used at family meals as it examines 9 meals that Jesus ate in the Scriptures and the lessons taught in each. Dads, If you want to have consistency with your family devotions and are looking for a cool new resource...this one is it...go to Harvest Bookstore website (through and you can get info about it. This is one of many resources we are working on (another one is out in a month and I'll talk about it then). While I'm talking resources, let me give you some guiding principles we have at Eastview for providing spiritual growth resources: 1. Our bookstore is a resource's a part of our ministry and it's main goal is not to make money. All the resources in the store are recommendations from the staff "Jesus junk" (novelty items that seem to market Jesus' good name) sold! 2. Our staff is writing more resources all the time. We want to write stuff that is useful to the people of Eastview and our ministry here. This is our first goal. If other members of God's kingdom would like to use it, we will gladly share, but we have been entrusted with Eastview, so we are ministering to this flock. 3. The authors don't make money on the books we produce and sell. Though countless hours go into writing, editing and producing these books, our staff sees this as part of their ministry all money goes back into ministry...likely more resource development. 4. We do have some sources that were written by the staff previously and are also available..really good resources, especially by J.K. 5. We stock the books necessary for our Master of Arts in Spiritual Formation degree that we do in partnership with Lincoln Christian University. 6. We hope to have a wall of complete spiritual formation material 10 years from now for small groups and individuals to use for encouragement in their walk. Pray for us as we development a collection of resources that will truly help us all mature in our faith

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