Monday, March 25, 2013

At the cross and the well

I was excited Sunday for the maiden voyage of what I am calling the "10 minute shepherd walk". As you Eastview Christians know, I routinely meet visitors, people newer to Eastview, and those in need of prayer at the cross in our auditorium after each service and while I love this, I found my extrovert heart needing more. It was suggested by a friend that I could walk through the halls of the church in about 10 minutes and still get to the cross to greet visitors. So I tried it Sunday and it was awesome! I got to say "hi" to so many people Sunday, giving each a high five, a hug, or a pat on the shoulder. There really isn't enough time to have long conversations, but long enough to share the joy of being in fellowship with each other! I still had time to get back to my office to pray, veg, and get ready to preach again. So now, every Sunday you can see me at "the well" or "the cross" - sounds very biblical and it was fun. Obviously, Easter Sunday is upon us and we celebrate because of The Christ who spent time at the well talking with people the rest of society had no time for and then went to the cross to die for the sins of all mankind. Are you praying for friends, family, and neighbors to be at some church on Sunday to here of the greatest thing ever - resurrection from death?!!!! If you bring an unbelieving friend to Eastview Sunday, introduce them to me I'd love to meet them, but more importantly I'm praying they are introduced to Jesus through the message and through His church celebrating His victory!


Laura Karr said...

Amen Mike! HE IS RISEN!

Melanie said...

Pretty cool. You said hi and hugged a friend and I. I was kind of taken aback, wondering what you were doing out and about at that time. After 11:30 service. I thought you were, maybe going to the bathroom. I like the intentional shepherd want. You are a cool atypical kind of pastor. You do a great job teaching..Thanks!!