Monday, August 19, 2013

Fourth service

Well, yesterday was another "vision" day at Eastview, and the excitement of many back in town and ready for school to start added to the electricity of the morning. I absolutely love sharing what God has led the elders and leaders of Eastview to prayerfully pursue - but admittedly it is tiring. Even a talker like me was out of words when three services were all over. Anyway, my favorite communication was the announcement that starting January 12th Eastview will begin a new worship service on Sunday evening at 5:00 p.m. Announcing it is the easy part. Making it happen will take the hand of God, but we move forward trusting Him. How did we decide on Sunday at 5:00? Well..... First, we asked the staff to give their suggestions in a meeting we had over a year ago. We had at least fifteen different suggestions - so much for consensus. So, then our leadership team got together and began to pray and ask ourselves some value questions. I admittedly have a bias against Saturday nights because I think it depletes staff and key volunteer leaders. So, we moved away from a Saturday night scenario. Then we tried to figure out how to do four on Sundays. Should we do two Sunday morning and two Sunday afternoon/night? Should we do them all on Sunday morning and shorten our services? Should we just add to our morning schedule and have a 1:15 p.m. afternoon service? After brainstorming these detail questions, we began to focus on what we think might help us most accomplish our vision here at Eastview. What time would allow the most people to be able to grow as Christ followers? Where could we foster ridiculous love most? And maybe most importantly, how could we get more evangelistic as "dangerous witnesses"? In other words, if the church at it's best is irresistible, then what time could we accommodate those who want to come into our fellowship? Remember that all the while, over a period of months (if not a year) we continued to pray. Then we heard of a church in the Chicago area that started a 5:00 p.m. Sunday service with great results. So we talked with them and determined that in spite of all the challenges - it just might be our best option. Think of these "wins" for an early evening worship service on Sundays. 1. Those who go out of town for a long weekend can still get back in town and attend church on Sunday. 2. Those who have custody of their kids every other weekend can now bring them every Sunday night. 3. Those who meet for small group on Sunday night (over 40% at Eastview do) can just meet before or after. 4. Families can have all day together with no sports or activities and still get their kids to church and home for school the next day by 6:30 5. Families who have children in traveling sports can come to church when they get back in town. 6. Those who work on Sunday mornings can now come to Eastview. Well, I wish I had seven because that seems more spiritual...but we'll leave it at six. Now we have four months to plant, water, and pray for God's growth. Can't wait to see what happens.


Robin said...

My husband hasn't been able to go to church for 12 years because of his work schedule. I'm excited that we will now be able to attend the 5pm service as a family now.

Elvira Brooks said...

Sounds good. I remember the Saturday night services and I loved them. So did many others. Wish they would bring them back too. Praying for God's will here. Love this church!

Anonymous said...

Would love to see a Wednesday night service as well, with some of the younger staff leading the service.