Wednesday, January 1, 2014

calendar reboot

Some people spend some time on New Year's Day making resolutions - a sort of recommitment to improve their lives in the coming year (I'm one of those people) and other's do not, realizing that actions speak louder than words (my wife is one of those people). Either way, this first day of 2014 is a natural calendar reboot that allows us to think of our spiritual journey and how we might grow in the coming year. Here are the resolutions I'm praying for my flock at Eastview in the coming year. 1. That we may become more generous. I pray that every Christ follower gives more money away this year than ever before. That we would share more of the resources that God has shared with us to advance his kingdom through his church. 2. That we would become people of the word. I pray that every Christ follower spends time daily reading the Bible in the coming year. That we would memorize a Scripture a week to "hide God's word in our hearts that we might not sin against God. 3. That attendance in our weekly assembly on Sundays would be a priority. I pray that snow, rain, time change, sports, kids activities or laziness will not be excuses to stay at home on Sundays. That the fellowship of the saints would be a priority for us. 4. That every member would participate weekly in their small group praying, studying, and living together. I pray that our mini-communities within our larger community would become loving gatherings of Christian brotherhood. 5. That every Christian would make a disciple. I pray that we would all pray for, invite, be ready for conversation with as many non-Christians as possible so that at the end of this year we can say we fulfilled part of Jesus "Great commission" to make disciples. May we see 1,000 people baptized into Christ this year. 6. That every member would grow in their faith. I pray that we will be bold enough to ask for miracles and trusting enough to move forward by faith even when it doesn't make sense in human terms. 7. That we would live in joy. I pray that the hope of glory and our promise of future eternal life will allow us to walk through every day of this year, no matter the circumstance with great a confidence that God is accomplishing his will in us.


Susan Saunders said...

We did life with you (and Gary) and Eastview for 8 years when we lived in Blm. Although we now live in Florida and have a church home here, we still consider ourselves part of Eastview and participate from afar. We watch the Sunday messages, Monday Morning Pastor and read your blog to grow along with y'all. We miss all that Eastview is and the people we love there. There's just no comparable family down here. We hope one day to return to Blm, but until then we'll stay warm and stay connected (thankful for technology).

Thanks for being obedient to what God has called you to, and for using your gifts to glorify Him and lead His flock...wherever they live!

Anonymous said...

I will agree in prayer with you for the same manifestations you are requesting from God and each individual who attends Eastview. May we all grow spiritually and die daily to the call of our precious Savior! May we all know who we are in Christ to fulfill the great commission with passion, and stand strong in our faith to persevere through any attempts of the forces of darkness which comes against the Body of Christ!