Monday, August 25, 2008

subtle heresy

well on a monday morning where I should be talking about a beloved lady who passed away last week (norma hendren - wife of Everett, one of Eastview’s charter members); or about the dozens of greeters and volunteers that met for breakfast on Saturday in preparation for a great fall (I devoted that before the Feeding of the 5,000, there was the seating of the 5,000 - and how important the disciple’s task of seating, serving and cleaning up was to the process); or about the Fuel ministry on the campus of ISU last night with a great service; I’m compelled to talk about a heresy that is creeping into church language in many pop books.

I’ll just blurt it out - Brian McClaren is a heretic.  He is a great author and he has some great things to say, however, he is missing the mark when it comes to understanding the Christian position.  In his book “finding our way again” (please do me and you a favor and don’t read it!), he makes the following statement: “And during his lifetime, Abraham, like Moses and Jesus and Muhammad - had an encounter with God that distinguished him from his contemporaries…”  Say what?!  Muhammad had an encounter with God?  How can he say that when the “encounter with God” birthed a religion that wholeheartedly rejects Jesus as Savior (something which he thought was pretty important). 

Here’s the deal that happening in our culture.  We have been convinced that we as Christians have been the oppressors and that we should apologize and be nice to other world religions.  First of all, there have been some bad things happen in the name of Christianity, but we certainly don’t have a corner on the market of evil things.  And I would contend that those names done in the name of Christ were not truly motivated by the Christian faith.  Second, although it’s true that both Judaism and Islam were birthed from our spiritual ancestor Abraham - they certainly are not part of the Abrahamic covenant now.  How can I so assuredly say this?  Because Abraham was about Jesus and both Judaism and Islam reject Jesus as Lord and fulfillment of the Abrahamic promise.

Listen, we had better wake up Christians and stop swallowing all the stuff even Christian writers like McClaren are passing off as Christian responses.  No matter how good it feels to kind of make everyone feel welcome and tolerated, it can never be Christian to accept any other worldview of Jesus except that he is the savior of the world.  He said as much.  So deny Christ if you want, but don’t think he you can sneak him neatly in to the world’s belief systems.  He simply isn’t o.k. with that.

Be careful as you read that the author proclaim Christ as the way, the only way…nothing more, nothing less.  A good book to stick with is the Bible.  As for this book, I only made it through five chapters and I had to stop.  Oh well, there are other books on my shelf to be read.


Phamilyof6 said...

Hi Mike:
This post reminds me of something I listened to this morning by Nancy Leigh DeMoss from the book of Titus. It is about having "sound doctrine." It is incredible how many Christians do not have "Biblical" doctrine. Take a look at this and the next days. It's pretty good. (it's Monday's broadcast- yesterday and then today's as well).

Many blessings - Jessica Pham
P.S. I'm glad to be able to read your blog now.

Jayne Linda Free said...

Hi Mike,

I know that this is a BIG surprise to hear from me... a blast from your past!! But, I wanted to say I am so pleased to see the growth and maturity in you. It has been YEARS since we have seen each other... and I remember you as a fun-loving young man.... wow... what a fun-loving MATURE MAN you have grown to be. Thanks for your Blog....I look forward to keeping up with you and the family!
Love ya, Jayne Linda Free