Monday, September 1, 2008

no labor here

What a great Labor Day to do absolutely nothing.  As you know I’m committed to a weekly Sabbath of rest and when another pops up for free…I take it (especially when it’s Monday)!  Actually, my day started way early (as in 2:45 a.m. in the morning) for some prayer at the church.  I know our building doesn’t really have that stained glass, wooden pews, sacred look, but there is something spiritual about coming in the middle of the night and seeing some dim lighting and our flame burning before God.  It is a very intimate setting for prayer and I began last night by asking God to move in the lives of those in our community who are lost without Jesus.  Keep praying…God is moving.

After that I came back home and couldn’t sleep thinking about how cool it is to be at Eastview at this time and how there is a great excitement in the air on Sundays.  When I start thinking like this I can’t really stop, so I thought of my family and upcoming events and staff stuff and ideas I have for ministry and then somewhere in there I dozed off.  I woke up around 8:00 and headed straight to the coffee maker!

After some breakfast, i watched the storm coverage on hurricane Gustav and spent some time looking at Sunday’s sermon scripture.  Already stuff stirring in my heart about that.  Then i finished up the introduction to a book I’m writing.  Yes, I’ve decided to write another one and it’s about marathon running and how Christianity is so much like it.  I’m stoked about writing it.  Then what else does a guy writing about running do but run…man was it hot, but the trail had some shade so I survived.

finally, I spent some time grilling ribs and hanging with my boys.  We had a good time and it wasn’t too bad in the shade, but I’ll have to tell ya.  I thank God for creating the guy who invented air conditioning on a day like today!  Oh well, probably finish the day watching the Tennessee/UCLA game before dozing off and praying again in the middle of the night.  Thanks to all of those who signed up to pray this entire week leading into Fall kick-off.  We are becoming a place where prayer dominates and that’s got to be good.

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