Monday, September 8, 2008

let the children come

Jesus said it was good for children to come to him, so I can only assume it’s good when they come to church.  Yesterday we had 975 kids in this place…so if you’re wondering why we’re expanding our children’s facilities, wonder no more.  I can’t say enough thanks to all the workers in the children’s area who play with, teach, sing with, take to the bathroom (or worse, clean up after they’ve already gone), color, memorize, love, protect (just try getting through our a-1 children’s security without proper identification), and nurture the children who come each week.  I’m inspired by your service.

Yesterday (after a great second service) it was my privilege to invite more children (along with parents and grandparents) to the auditorium for a baby dedication service.  We prayed over and dedicated 47 children yesterday to God for his glory and for his purpose.  The parents also stood on the stage and committed to raise their kids in the Word and in the church.  As the Pastor, I prayed for strong marriages, strong families and a strong church to help them through.  I pledged that Eastview would do anything we could to help them raise their kids (I know I spoke for thousands of people, but I know that is the heart of this church). 

I was especially moved that many parents requested to have a picture with me and their child.  It really is an honor to be the preacher and pastor to so many families.  I’m blessed and I’ll do my best to teach the parents as they teach their kids.  We’re all in this together.  Speaking of cool kid events, we have pureNRG coming in this Saturday night for a concert at the church.  They have appeared on Disney channel and have a very cool show (you know Hannah Montanna like) and kids are sure to love it. 

I love lots of stuff about this place, but this week I’m especially blessed that we welcome kids just like our Lord.

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