Monday, October 13, 2008


Well, last week was dominated with the talk of Wall Street and the stock market tanking (and the sky falling, etc...). Of course the 24 hours news people were all over this and long about Wednesday (as I listened to the blah, blah, blah) it hit me - it doesn't matter what number ends up on the DOW at the end of the day. Here's why - my life is not about money or the accumulation of goods or storing away for the future. Many good Christians brothers and sisters that I talked with agreed kinda and "said, yeah but..."

And there's a lot to that "yeah but". "Yeah but," they say, "people are trying to save for their kids college." or "Yeah but, they are retiring in a year." Or "Yeah but, their business is affected." And you know what my "yeah but" is? "Yeah but, God is bigger than all of that."

Yeah but, God will supply a way for your kid to go to college
Yeah but, God will supply your needs as you near retirement age
Yeah but, God will take care of your business that you can't guarantee because you can't guarantee tomorrow.
Yeah but, God knows we are living a highly extravagant life that is excessive and not Christian and we need to own that.

I get a little hot when I hear people worried about their financial situation knowing and having experienced the world condition as I have. "I just don't know how we're going to make it" I've heard from well-meaning.

Yeah but, you're not eating mud pies
Yeah but, you're not shoeless and shirtless
Yeah but, you're not living on one meal a day
Yeah but, you're not competing with the dogs in the trash heap for lunch.
Yeah but, you're... I could go on.

Just take a moment and take stock and hopefully you'll find it's in God and not the market.


pezmom said...

Thanks Mike! Those words were just what I needed to hear today!

Alex said...

Pastor Mike, this is a very good blog with a VERY good point. May I share with you something that I feel God worked with me on while going through my sickness, surgery and now healing? TRUST HIM. T-R-U-S-T H-I-M. I have shared this with my hubby the past few weeks. We've had a number of things come up since my surgery financially, and I CHOOSE to not get upset about it. It doesn't change anything..AND...I look back in my life and I see how God knew every single need we had. He met them then and will meet them now. He has not changed. Praise God! :)

orhan brian enata said...

nice job mike
ever since my trip this summer nothing that happens here in america is quite the same as what our fellow believers have to go thru and yet every sunday as im singing along with matt i think that those same believers are singing their hearts out and worshiping the same god we are and they dont even know about last weeks market. they do know about those storms that wrecked their land a few weeks ago tho and still they sing

georgette quinn said...

well put

Anonymous said...

Your remarks hit home; thanks for putting things in perspective!

Anonymous said...

All I can say is AMEN!!


Nancy said...

God bless ya Mike :-)

Sorry, couldn't resist... you know I love you and I really do agree with your "yeah but" statements.

PS: In case you are confused... Was what you said during Sunday's sermon on tape? i.e. "If you email me, I'll just say God bless ya". It's only funny if anyone remembers you said it.