Monday, December 8, 2008

christmas songs

one of my favorite things about Christmas is the music. I'm one of those people who likes Christmas music all year round, but obnoxiously so during Christmas. In fact, if you are a guest at my house, I want Christmas music in the background always (even if it means I may miss some of the conversation - because I'm really singing the song in my head anyway). From about a week before Thanksgiving my radio has been set to that station in town that plays only Christmas music during this month. I love it! I never listen to the station any other time of the year (for all I know the play middle-eastern folk polka), but right now, it's nothing else.

Speaking of great Christmas music, I hope you all heard the cool pops concert our music, choir and tech staff did last weekend. What a talented and servant oriented bunch of people. I especially loved the drum stuff at the beginning - very cool (good job drummer boys). Well, since we're talking about Christmas music, I suppose I should give my top ten favorite all time Christmas songs (in reverse order - David Letterman style):
10. "I want a hippotamus for Christmas" - yes that obnoxious one they play on that station - I guess I like the child-like request for a gift (my wife hates this song).
9. "Baby it's cold outside" - this of course is not a great christian song, but i like the tune and the whole romantic notion.
8. "Hallelujah" - This is an old song by the Imperials (if you dont know, dont' ask) and is best heard on a scatchy LP (if you don't know, don't ask)
7. "Joy to the world" - One of my earliest memories is in church at Christmas singing this song (while I was playing with the candle I was holding).
6. "Gloria" because it sounds like an angel song.
5. "Away in a manger"
4. "Frosty the snow man" - I like the idea of kids pretending and a snowman coming to life - plus I grew up on the cartoon.
3. "We three kings" - I've always been intrigued by these mystery scholars who came to see the king of kings.
2. "Let it Snow" - this shouldn't surprise anyone. I love snow (White Christmas could sneak on this list too."
1. "Silent Night" - any version will do -Christmas Eve acapella is nice, but I like Frank Sinatra near the end of his life, with not so great voice control version the best!

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Anonymous said...

This does not have much to do with your recent post about Christmas songs, but rather the sermon that was given on Sunday...
I just finished C.S. Lewis' The Great Divorce, and although it is a book that is not based on fact, but rather a story/dream, it reminded me of the sermon, and what it means to "Serve Him Only." The book is about an experience about life after death, and essentially what was taking place was that the folks in Heaven were trying to persuade the damned to give up whatever they were hanging on to that prevented them from entering Heaven. Time and time again each person, even some church-goers, were unable to give up what they served, and would rather spened eternity in their happiness, reather than true happiness (please remember that this was a story meant for inspiration, not meant to be theologically accurate). But while I read this story I was remined how it does not have to just be materialistic things that we can serve, but also imaterial things such as our desires. This could include even feeling such as love (in an unhealthy way), anger/unforgiveness, lust, or even our own ego (pride).
Thank you listening to what the LORD has laid on your heart.