Tuesday, December 23, 2008

weather outside is frightful

Well, the weather has been frightful (as in high temperature of 7 on Sunday) but at least it's not windy (if you live in Normal you can feel the chill of that sarcasm). So, as people keep telling me we are experiencing global warming, we're experiencing ice on everything. Well, as the song goes, the weather outside is frightful, but the fire is so delightful.

Sunday, Sara and I got home from church around 12:30 to find our electricity out. It had just gone off 15 minutes before (the church also lost power about this time - glad the sermon wasn't long). So we lit the gas stove and cooked lunch, then we dressed into some warm clothes, built a fire in the living room and lay on the couch and talked. I kept the fire going and it at least took some chill off the air. We both read some and napped some - awesome relaxation. Around 4:30, I checked the temp and it was around 59 in the house and getting wintry dark, so we lit a bunch of candles. Now it's time where Sara's kind of annoyed with the whole thing and I'm really starting to dig it! I just loved, the conversation, no interruptions, and the base survival kind of thinking (can we survive the night sleeping by the fire?). Well, it got so cold that I decided to even let the dog come in the house (and they say I have no heart for animals) to keep him from freezing.

After about an hour of candle light, we called our friends steph and al and headed out for some supper (and warmth) - the fellowship and food were great and by the time we got home the electricity was on. Honestly, i was kinda bummed - but the first thing I did was get the dog in the garage (with a space heater).

Then last night, after a long day at work (trying to do a whole week's work in three days isn't easy and that's why I'm blogging on Tuesday) we headed to our great friends J.K. and Sue Jones and their daughters Lyndsey and Chelsea (which i'm sure are probably spelled wrong) and Lyndsey's husband Matt. Anyway, the fellowship and laughter around the table and meal soon moved to the living room and a fire place. What a great time of closeness and sharing and warmth (and the fire was good too).

So I like it cold...because when it's cold and you're gathered around the fireplace with those you love...it really is delightful.


Deb Wilcox said...

I am so glad you finally let that poor dog in the house, and out of the flower pot. Merry Christmas

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Yeah

--love your lincoln friends