Monday, January 5, 2009

never ceases to amaze

me at the stuff that happens in church. Yesterday in second hour during the prayer at the end of my sermon; I heard the loudest crash I've ever heard in church. One of our camera operators had passed out - and forward into the camera and off of the stand into the chairs in front of them. I didn't even know who it was at first (new member Lynn McCloud sp?? who is a great behind the scenes servant), but instantly stopped talking to God and started talking to any doctors in the house. within seconds she was surrounded with medical attention, our staff responded quickly and not really knowing what else to do, I prayed for her and her safety and then we proceeded with the worship tune scheduled after the prayer.

Now that I know she's o.k. I would be really interested in a couple of things. I wish we had a camera on how it happened (just to see what went down and o.k. maybe laugh a little - with Lynn of course! I suggested marking the seats in front of our cameras as hard hat areas in our planning meeting this morning and no one laughed (but that didn't stop me)). I also wish we had a video of my expression as I opened my eyes. I'm sure my mouth was hanging open and I had a super dumb expression like (now what am I supposed to say). Finally, it would be awesome if we had some video of someone who had fallen asleep (yes people still fall asleep in church) and how they jumped.

I'm glad it all turned out and we can put it behind us. What other stories you ask? Well, there was the time when two junior high boys started slugging it out during worship in camp. and the time where police came to the sunday school door to arrest some teens in my class for shoplifting at the store across from the church. and the time when a war protester starter saying stuff about Christians at a youth conference. and another when I was speaking to 4,000 students at the illinois teen convention and a guy off his meds starting yelling at me and walking down the middle aisle. Like I said, it never ceases to amaze. I wonder what's next?


Nancy said...

Well, I attended 1st service but my daughter, Nikki was there for 2nd. She saw your face... and described it. Wish I had seen it. We laughed.

I always pray, "I can't wait to see...." It's a good prayer.

Anonymous said...

Hi Mike, and my Eastview Family!

What an embarassing moment, huh? My brother, Mark, who was visiting said it was one of the most graceful falls he'd seen! Only God could have made such a mess look so good, even if it sounded bad!!!

Since my doc told me he didn't think there was a medical reason to be concerned about, then I guess we are left with accepting that I was so moved by the Holy Spirit when I heard Mike's sermon on being chosen! It really was good stuff.

Sorry for waking anyone up, and I do want to let you all know how comforting it was to be so well taken care of!!! A little prayer of thanks has gone out for my special angels, and you know who you are!!!

In the meantime, if anyone can put a good word in for me so I can be put back on a camera soon, I would really appreciate it!!! Thanks again!

Loving you in Christ
Lynn McLeod

mollyann said...

I heard about Sunday's incident very quickly because the exact same thing happened to me during a Christ in Youth Conference. I worked for CIY all summer and ran the camera one night...during the middle of the sermon I passed out, the camera fell, and luckily some man caught me. Please tell Lynn I am considering starting a support group of fallen camera people :-)
-Molly Aper