Wednesday, February 18, 2009

how to ruin paradise

O.K. I hope the people of central illinois miss me like I miss them...not central illinois mind you...just the great people. Cabo is as advertised...sunny and nice, but Sara and I and some pastor friends tried to ruin it today. We (when I say we, not really me, I knew this wasn't going to end well and never, never, never, never, never - is that enough sign up for this stuff) were talked into some great gifts and discounts for a "no pressure 90 minute time share presentation". Yeah, right! The free breakfast was cool...who can mess up breakfast? But then the showing of properties...again very nice if you have some cash for a priority like this. Again, anyone who has a time share...that's cool (can I use it? just kidding) because for some vacationing is a priority like that, for me, not so much. So... I saw some cool stuff, politely listened to the guy do his spiel (two and half hours and the whole time I'm just saying to myself "tell me the price so I can say "No" and move on- I did see some whales through the window behind him though and that was cool) Anyway, I say no and he's kinda ticked. Oh well, I moved on - afternoon meetings on the beach..very nice. Been talking about church and leadership and pastoring for two days and that will continue tonight at supper. Sara and i are going out with JP and Molly Jones and Dave (and I don't know his wife's name) Sawkins from Venture Christian Church in California. Should be fun. I really didn't ruin paradise, but about another thirty minutes of that presentation and I would've. more to come from cabo.


Nancy said...

Yes... Jim and I have done the timeshare presentation too. I can relate, because we didn't accept either. Go figure. Silly people. Give me a 20 minute presentation and I might be able to pay attention long enough for you to convince me - after that, you've lost me because I then begin to get totally distracted by the people around me, the grain of wood in the table, the little critter that just managed to miss the wheel of the golf cart I'm being chartered around in... etc, etc, etc!

Tami said...

Seems strange that the guy would be ticked. I mean, how good can his win ratio be?

Have a great time and know that someone in Minnesota is missing all the time, not just when you're in Cabo.