Sunday, July 12, 2009

Galena with the elders

Well, I'm gonna post a quick blog this morning before church since I'll be in Galena tomorrow and I'm not sure about computer access. As soon as church is over today, I and the elder team from Eastview is heading north for a couple of days of retreat (yes, we are riding in an old school 15 passenger van that is a really ugly light blue - flashback to youth ministry days). We will be led in Scripture and devotion by my great friend J.K. Jones. Sandi and Bob Knapp (along with my wife) are preparing some awesome meals and i and the elders are going to get away and vision for Eastview. How do you do that? Well, you get together in a room with men of faith and you pray for God to lay direction on your hearts. Then you discuss and talk and circle back and pray some more and think and sleep on it and talk and pray some more and then it seems that the Spirit always leads to some concrete things. I'm stoked about this. I love these guys and I love that we are going to talk about our role in being stewards of all that God is doing at Eastview and what He will do here if we have enough faith! So pray, eternal stuff is at stake. Oh yeah, we'll have some intensely honest conversations and we'll laugh a lot. I'll try and update when we get back.

Last night (due the generous gift of one of our members - or was she just being ornery?), I finished third in the donations for the make a wish foundations annual "celebrity" sing. I performed "R.O.C.K. in the USA" with Gerry and the G men. I was nervous, but we got through it.


Anonymous said...

MAN,i'm sorry we missed your rockin performance at Gill Street. we could actually hear the music from our house and if i knew it was you i would have high tailed it right over there.

i have to say, i enjoyed the singing scripture appealed to me as a right brainer...tell me...did you make up the tune or did matt write it all out for you???

i pray the elders retreat goes well. you make it sound all official and stuff, but i know how it really goes. i think it's a good thing bob and sandy are there to keep you all in line.

love ya-

Mike Baker said...

Don't blame Matt for those notes:-)
I made up that tune as I went along (first hour was better than second hour). Thanks for the prayers...elder's retreat went great.
love ya,