Monday, July 27, 2009

saving or destroying

There comes a place in the life of Jesus, where it says he resolutely set out for Jerusalem (Luke 9:51-55 NIV). This is actually the NIV translation for a Hebrew idiom that means to "set your face towards" something. Why was Jesus setting his face towards Jerusalem at this point in his ministry? Because Jerusalem is the place where He would do what he would come to do - save the world from their sins.

Funny thing happened along the way. Jesus sent some interns ahead to a Samaritan village (apparently heading south from Galilee) to see if Jesus could do a preaching rally there. Well, the people who were less than excited about any one heading to Jerusalem said, "no thanks" and didn't welcome Jesus into town. So James and John do what any dedicated, hard working, Jesus following servants would do; they ask Jesus for permission to call down lightning from heaven and smoke these ingrates! I mean who do they think they are? Denying a visit from Jesus. Don't they know who they're messin' with? So logical. So impulsive. Get on the Jesus train or die!

Jesus got mad. The bible says he rebuked them (which means he yelled at them probably) and then he went to another village.

Here's my simple question for you to ponder today (which i have pondered from my prayer room this morning): As Jesus has his face set towards saving people, are you as his follower just wishing you could destroy them? I know, you would never think followers of Jesus would do this but here we have the apostles doing it and I could name some others (myself included). As we are on mission for Jesus are we focused on the salvation work in their lives or are they just obstacles to what we want to do for God?

Just a deep thought for Monday...not very deep, but deep enough!

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