Monday, October 12, 2009

truck loads of Jesus' love

We had some great old-school moments yesterday in worship. since we were talking about unity, Matt sang "bless be the tie" (an great favorite hymn of mine) before the sermon. And then we sang the hippie chorus from the sixties "we are one in the spirit" as the entire congregation held hands across the aisles. I know it must have been weird for someone who was visiting to hold hands and read unity scriptures and then sing an old song - but we don't do it all the time - and besides, if you could see what I see (stage view) you would have seen an awesome picture of a bunch of not-alike people physically unified by holding hands. Very cool. No you won't get that H1N1 virus (not calling it the swine flu anymore, probably offended some pigs or something) doing something so spiritual.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch (or atrium) volunteers were collecting truckloads of food for our food pantry. Our previous record was 15 pick-up truck loads, but yesterday God moved through us to give 22 pick-up loads of food for under-resourced people (back in the day we called ourselves poor). This is huge. This means that through the people of Eastview over 1,000 people in our community will have beans, spaghetti, soup, corn, and yes even hominy (someone brought an entire bag of this stuff I always make fun of, but actually like) for their meals. The hope is that instead of seeing the food, they'll see the loving hearts behind the food that comes from us knowing Jesus. 22 truck loads of Jesus' love - that's how I see it.

Well, we're heading to Indy this weekend for a half-marathon. I've been helping Sara train for the past three months and this week we're ready. We're running with Lynne Sugai (who is taking some pics for our high school senior - Caleb - the day before) and Jessica Hari, Lora Jorgensen and I think Melinda Johnson. All are excited/nervous about it. Me, I'm just along for the run (and encouragement).

Sunday wraps up our series on "the call". It has been an awesome journey and I am receiving daily e-mails from people whose lives are being changed by this study of Jesus. We've only just begun. On November 1, we'll start a year long series through the book of Luke! That's after vision sunday on October 25.

One more thing (o.k. two) - I've been thinking about snow lately and though I'm not praying for it (yet); I am o.k. with the idea that it will soon be here AND how bout them cowboys!


Anonymous said...

let it snow,
let it snow,
let it snow!!
(just not on saturday in indy!)


ORHAN said...

mike they had to go into overtime to beat an winless team!! come on!
you are better than that!!

Mike Baker said...

Orhan (son of Muktar),
I'm a hopeless fan and besides I'm comforting myself with the fact that everyone is bragging about the Giants and Broncos being the cream of the crop in the NFC and Dallas shredded NY for 31 (three interceptions and a fumble lost the game for them) and Denver got a last minute drive to pull out the win. The way I see it, if those are the best teams, we're real close. It's a long season...we'll see what happens.

Anonymous said...

Actually, that's a great way to spread H1N1 as well as seasonal flu. Please think twice about encouraging hand-holding/hand-shaking during the coming winter months.

Mike Baker said...

Dear "no hand holding anonymous"...I realize that germs are spread this way...but at some point don't we just have a little faith that the wonderful gift of touch that God gave us and that Jesus displayed (touching highly contagious lepers and the like)is worth the risk to display brotherly love?

Anonymous said...

Mike: It's good to know the senior pastor roots for the Cowboys. Gave up the Bears when I married a Cowboy die-hard 17 years ago (no regrets). He gave up the Cubs to cheer for the Cards. After spending one Thanksgiving in Texas Stadium, he is convinced he knows what heaven will look like. Kidding. Anyway, great sermon series and really looking forward to a year in Luke.