Monday, October 26, 2009


Here's something to chew on this October Monday: vision is so much clearer when you see it! That may seem like a big "duh?!" to you, but when you can go to some cool place and say, "Look over there" and someone can actually experience it with their eyes, then that's pretty clear.

What's tougher is to see something that does not yet exist or has not happened. And yet, this is a part of the expectation most people have of me as the Sr. Pastor of a church (whether stated or unstated - most people think that I should know where the heck we are going). Below are random and not necessarily useful thoughts about vision.

1. Because church work is God planned, Spirit powered and has eternal implications humans are incredibly limited in seeing it.

2. I wish God would appear to me in dreams more when I ask him where he wants Eastview to go. It's not that I don't believe God can, has and maybe will appear in's just that he's not done that with me yet.

3. My real vision for Eastview is that more and more people do more and more of the Bible stuff we are already doing (prayer, preaching, serving, sharing the gospel at home and internationally, and giving).

4. When I lay out a ten year vision (like i did yesterday) you should hope it's inspired, but realize that even though I'm leading, I'm straining to see the clear picture just like everyone else.

5. I get energized by vision. Because it has such possibilities...such cool stuff that God might do with us and through us. I am one of those weirdos who love change and so a day of talking about changes for the next ten years is exciting!

6. Even though I've not gotten any visions, I do have confidence that God has his hands on what I shared yesterday. I've prayed about it, thought about it, talked about, prayed some more, sought wise counsel, prayed and planned with the elder team, etc... for about 7 months now. So I believe that we're going in the general direction. And that is exciting.

7. Looking back on other visions I and others have had throughout the years...they usually turn out much better than I at first envisioned (strange how God always does immeasurably more than I ask or imagine.

Well, that's all if you need to see the vision you can go to our website at and check out the sermon podcast.

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