Saturday, July 17, 2010

the last part of what I sent

A third message imprinted on my soul right now is the desire to make disciples. I have witnessed thousands of conversions and baptisms. I have personally baptized hundreds and, of course, I am deeply moved every time, but I see the need both in me and the people that have been enstrusted to me for true discipleship. The meaning of this word dictates constant learning and the practice of this word demands continued following. Being a Christian has been redefined for me (this is not to say a new definition of Christianity, but reiterating again what it really means). One speaker this week said, "the 21st century heresy is that you can call yourself a Christian without being a disciple." No more heresy for me and my people.

Finally, I am going to continue to surround myself with people of like-minded singular focus. I want to be with people who are deeply spiritual while at the same time openly and vulnerably imperfect. I am going to associate mostly with whom I can laugh until I cry and cry until I laugh. I'm going to insist on a true incarnational, life-together, family-oriented approach to leadership in my ministry. This is my heart's desire and I believe the desire of an electronic, superficial, relationally-challenged culture that is filled with social networking yet void of any meaningful relationships.


Anonymous said...

Been out in the audience for several years. Have never heard you say anything that could not be backed up by scripture.
I trust you as a leader.
Let's go!


Bill Holley said...

Mike, thanks for posting this three part message. I have also found myself wrestling with the "21st century heresy." May we be His disciples, apprenticed to him, learning from him, becoming like him.

Anonymous said...

I am thankful for your God given desires. I want to completely give my life to Jesus Christ, but I NEED guidance from those appointed by God to lead me. Mike, take us from "church people" to radical, crazy, "in love" followers of Jesus Christ! OUT with tolerance and IN with perseverance.

Dave and Cherry Schwulst said...

Mike---we just heard about this message and just read this part of your blog---it is very encouraging to hear you say this---we stand in agreement with you brother---this is our hearts desire as well--Much love in Christ, la familia Schwulst

Anonymous said...

Hey i love to hear you preach on revelations and song of solomon and talk heaven in hell and about gods anointing just some ideas i love to hear