Tuesday, August 31, 2010

on my plate

We use this expression, "i've got a lot on my plate" as kind of a negative for how busy we are - but this is counterintuitive for someone who sees a full plate as a positive! So, in a just made a first pass by the chinese buffet way - here's my full plate:
- I've written and preached three sermons in the past week (First Christian in Champaign men's group, Eastview Sunday, and Lincoln Christian University this morning)...and I'm working on one for Sunday
- the first class for our Master of Arts in Spiritual Formation begins in two weeks. There is considerable writing and reading with this that will come due in the next month or so.
- I'm also preparing and writing my annual report to the elder team which includes all the stuff that God is doing on so many levels around here.
- and then I've got the writing of our new preaching plan through the book of Acts which begins in February, 2011 - this includes paragraph descriptions of about 60 sermon texts which helps our staff prepare for the programming they do.
- also working on some leadership training classes we hope to offer this winter
- and helping organize for our Greek and Turkey trip in May
- and a wedding in Chicago this weekend
- and child dedication on Sunday
- and keeping in touch with my Tennessee son and cross town son
- and preparing to lead our small group through "Doctrine: what Christians should believe"
- and following the Reds as they head towards the playoffs

Well, I've got a lot on my plate, but I like what God is serving and I'm eating it up.

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