Monday, September 6, 2010

laboring through the day

My first sensory experience of the day was the smell of coffee as my awesome wife brought a steaming mug to my bedside. Good to have a day for doing everything and nothing.

I made a strong commitment to stay in pajamas until ten (hey you gotta make a statement on your day off and yes I wear pajama bottoms with a t-shirt). So I staggered (still half asleep) to the door and read the morning paper with coffee in hand. After that I went to the Word and spent some time in Galatians 1&2 just reading and reflecting. We had some friends coming over so I made my way to the kitchen to help Sara make breakfast. She makes the most awesome home-made biscuits and I made the sausage gravy. Fun to hang out with my wife just talking and sharing in the task. Breakfast was filled with laughter and good food.

Of course after cleaning up...I felt guilty for eating so much so I went for a run on the trail. Really love the cooler and less humid weather for runnning these days! After the run, I read some, napped some, did some minor chores and alternately worked on my annual report to the elders and watched baseball, golf and football.

It's really weird being an empty nester now that Caleb is gone to school. Good things include: not having to straighten up the basement, lower grocery bill, not waking up when they come in late (past 9:30 p.m. is late for me these days:-), time to focus on whatever i need to do in the evening, and not coordinating the car usage. Bummers include: missing Caleb's personality and presence in our house, watching sports without him, one less vehicle to coordinate usage of, worrying about his safety when he's not around. So all in all, a good and bummer day of rest and adjusting to this whole new stage of life.

I am really excited about the Fall kick-off this weekend at church. The kidsview team is doing a blowout event that will be off the chain (street cred points for me:-) and the other ministries will also be in store for lots of visitors and people back from the holiday weekend. Hope we have tons of people to pray for God to move in a big way this Wednesday night at church 6:00 p.m.

Our small group is going and then coming over to our house for dessert afterwards - my favorites - friends and sugar. Well, better wrap this up...more writing/football watching to do.

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