Monday, September 27, 2010

what they're really saying

As a pastor, I get all kinds of comments, suggestions, gentle criticisms, and hidden meaning conversations from people in my church, those from other churches and from some in the community (I might add that the encouragements waaaaaaaaay outweigh the criticisms and keep me going in ministry) and over 25 years of ministry I learned to interpret these conversations. So below i offer a few phrases and what i know they actually mean:
1. "In the my church in .... they used to..." - They are getting ready to tell you something that they think you need to do for your church, because where they were from was so much better.
2. "I've prayed about this a lot" - I'm saying this as a way of saying that what I'm getting ready to tell you is of the Lord and there is no way that you can refute it.
3. "You're preaching is so much deeper these days." - Translation: you were a really lousy preacher a few months ago. (Note: this is related to "That was the the best sermon you've ever preached" to say it's so rare that I noticed).
4. "I'd like to take you to lunch and pick your brain about some stuff" - In reality, I'm going to take you to a public location and give you some ministry tips that you should start applying immediately.
5. "That was a really interesting point you made" - Which means they completely disagree with what you said and are afraid to tell you.
6. "Have you ever read... you should really read it" - This author can set your theology straight in a way that is much more eloquent than I can.
7. "Aren't you putting on weight?" - This is honest and oh, so true and it really hurts my feelings.

PLEASE DON'T TAKE THIS BLOG TOO SERIOUSLY, I'M ONLY HAVING FUN. Translation: I want to state my opinion in a sarcastic way and not get anyone too stirred up about it and I think that a smily face at the end will make all the difference :-)


Anonymous said...

how 'bout them Cowboys! :-)

Just a Normal girl said...

On a positive note, people look at my wedding pictures and inform me you look like Brad Pitt!

Also our daughter is wanting to join student council. So they make them right about a great leader in their community. Without any prompting, she said Mike Baker because he tells people about God and goes to other countries and tell them too. He also helps everyone out. I thought it was too cute not to share.

Becky O'Neal said...

Classic! And I mean that, Mike. I prayed about it alot before I sent this and i think read it in a book you should read.......... :)

Brett said...

It is scary how accurate your observations are about this. I'd like to take you to lunch to pick your brain about it. :)

Anonymous said...

oh michael. what to do with you?!
you are not putting on weight. there. is that better?

i have a friend that, oh, about ONCE a year says to me, "wow! you look really nice today!"
i don't even have to tell you how i interpret that.

one of our BSF questions today was, "how do you respond to the spiritual leader God has given to you and your church?"
i just answered the question with a smiley face. :-)

love ya, PASTOR mike.

Lisa said...

Mike, your sermon on Sunday was "one of the best" you've does that get interpreted? On a serious note, keep up the amazing work...your personality and sense of humor are just two (of ?) your best traits! Love ya!

Anonymous said...


I am a work in progress when it comes to my prayer life. But as I was writing my prayer (yes writing - it helps me focus) I thought of you and JK and said a prayer for you both and the staff at Eastview. I don't know what God has planned ahead for you guys and the church, but I do know that when people "pop" into my thoughts it is not a coincidence. May God Bless you guys and provide whatever your need may be.:)