Monday, December 27, 2010

no need to dream of white Christmas

Well, we got a white Christmas...and then some. Our Christmas Eve services were obviously affected by the six-seven inches of snow that fell in Normal on the afternoon of Christmas Eve into the night. Many churches cancelled, but of course we didn't. By the time I had arrived at 3:00 p.m. there was a full crew making our lots drivable along with our tech guys and some musicians. We still had a couple of thousand make their way out to the church to celebrate the Eve of what we celebrate as the birth of Christ. Still one of my favorite worship service of the year (even if I'm major distracted by the hundreds of anxious kids with more energy than all the Christmas lights in town)! Only one real mishap when a little boy snapped the glow stick we used instead of candles and got the stuff in his eyes - don't worry not toxic, washed out with water and he's o.k.

Had a great week with both my family and Sara's family in Indy and Cincy. Good to see these loved ones who are growing up so fast (I saw three nieces/nephews who I remember being born and are now in college, along with my two adult children!)

Got some cool gifts for Christmas. Of course, my mom always comes through with gift certificates and/or cash for clothes. My sister took a picture of me (in one of my favorite fedoras) and had her friend who does characitures (is that spelled totally wrong - I could spell check it...nah!) and gave me a print of the picture attached.

My wife got me some really cool first and third century coins from antiquity from our trip to the Promised Land.

My greatest gift was to hang out with my wife and boys on Christmas day eating, laughing and talking with each other. Christmas is totally different when their this age, but the warmth is still the awesome family Christmas that I remember growing up. And of course, it was a snow covered ground and a warm fire in the fireplace that made it all that more cozy.

Then the Cowboys lost in the last seconds and I thought of letting it ruin my Christmas...but even that couldn't. Hope your Christmas was as good as mine. Looking forward to a great 2011. Trying to prepare for Sunday's Q&A teaching time. It's like preparing for an oral exam over the whole Bible. There have been some great questions sent won't want to miss this.


tony r. gould said... was tough to learn you're a cowboys fan, but i am glad you had a great Christmas with your family.

go bears! :)

Anonymous said...

I agree the fact of you being a Cowboy's fan is a tough one!
My family braved the snow and made it to second service at Eastview. I was so thrilled to be with all of them. I can't begin to tell you how much my family means to me. There have recently been some very big bumps in the road...and stressed me more than I thought I could handle. Christmas, and just talking to Jesus more have helped so much. Service at Eastview is always an occassion of love. I was expecting to see your red jacket on Christmas eve, but knowing you prepared, with Jesus, to speak to our hearts was a greater expectation. You have such a gift! Thank you for helping me walk closer with Jesus.

Tami said...

Tough year but I'm still true Blue. Go Cowboys! :)