Monday, January 3, 2011

Answers for a New Year

Well, yesterday we did something in church that was both scary and exciting, dangerous and confirming. Yesterday during both services, J.K. and I fielded theology/biblical questions in both services for one hour of our hour and fifteen minute service time. Of course, we had recieved over 100 questions on-line leading up to the first worship service of our year, but our tech guys made it possible to tweet, text, and e-mail during the services as well. The response was overwhelming. Imagine my ADD mind looking at three monitors, dozens of pages of notes, an open Bible, audience reaction, and conversation with J.K. - all at once. It was crazy. But we got to answer dozens of questions in both services. By the way, both services were remarkably different so we are trying to include resources available on our website ( and in our bookstore. Questions ranged from "Will pets go to heaven?" to "What is Eastview's millenial stance?" Here are some thoughts and responses from yesterday:

"I had to go home and look up some words in the dictionary I've never heard before. This has shown me I need to study more."

"We should do this again." (Lord willing we will)

"I was tempted to text "Can God make a rock so big that even he can't big it up?" (jokers!)

"This was great."

"I wanted to hear your answer about "homosexuality" - (We did second service)

"I wanted to hear your response about divorce" - (first service)

I hope this exercise showed a couple of things about us here at Eastview: 1) We believe in the Word of God and trust it to have the answers for our lives. 2) We are not afraid to tackle the tough questions about life. 3) We are not afraid to try new things when it comes to preaching/teaching the word of God. 4) J.K. is really smart :-)


Just a Normal girl said...

I think you both did a great job of answering as many of the questions that you could. Can we still e-mail a question if it wasn't covered? Also we are super sad you didn't answer "Do you know the muffin man?" (See we were really there second service.:))

Mike Baker said...

Normal Girl, You can always e-mail us questions. However, we are going to follow up in the coming weeks on our new web page ( with some video segments to answer more. We received over 200 tweets and texts during the two services alone!

Anonymous said...


Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed (and learned) during the Q&A. Got some answers I had been struggling with and more. Still listening to the CD and looking up verses. You and JK compliment each other very well.

The time went way too fast - would have stayed for second service if I had not had to go to work. Hope this will be something that happens again. I always seem to have questions:)

So no "bat phone" huh? Bummer

Kelly said...

We thought the two of you did a wonderful job given the depth of topics and time allowed. God bless you for trying something so unique. And what better way to end the service than with the air gun!

Miracle said...

I appreciated the answers that were backed up with Biblical references. However, when there was no Biblical reference to back up an answer, I don't think you should have given your opinion. The comment about "animals don't go to Heaven" had no Biblical reference. And, it could have been very hurtful to a person who might have just lost their pet. There were plenty of questions that had Biblical back-up for answers... maybe next time, just skip the questions that don't have a clear answer. I did not particularly like this type of service.

Patti Cattron said...

for many years I have been 'mentoring' (in my small little way) an older friend with her walk with the Lord. Tuesday she was very troubled by a question that you had addressed on I was able to answer her easily. An Angel happening for sure. Sunday was awesome.

Mike Baker said...

Dear Miracle,
Actually there are biblical references that indicate that our pets will not be eternal. Sorry for any offense...just trying to have a little fun.

Kimberlie Henris said...

It's funny where a person can end up on the internet. I was just on a website this morning,, and I was reading, re-reading, and re-reading an article you had penned for them last November. It was entitled "Stop Bashing the Bride".

Wow! My wish is that everyone at ECC had access to this insightful and uplifting article. It would be a great resource for your parishioners. It's an edifying reminder of what God's church is truly about.

I think as we all, at times, criticize what we don't like, we fail to see the real beauty in what God created for us. The outreach and accomplishment of the world-wide church is quite breathtaking when you stop to ponder it.

Thanks for the reminder! Reading about your undying love for the church has renewed my own!

Mike Baker said...

thanks for reading the article. I try to write for the Christian Standard from time to time and I do love the church.

Annette said...


I feel the need to comment after seeing what Miracle said. I was the one who asked the pet question. I'm not ashamed to admit that. As a relatively new Christian, that has been one of the questions I've wondered about -- especially after deciding to put my cat down last year. So, even though you got an easy laugh about cats...I wasn't offended -- I was seeking an answer, and I appreciated what you shared. So that you for being brave to open yourself and our church up for discussion such as this, and I hope we get to do another session like this in the future.