Monday, January 17, 2011

1/2 hour before class

I'm in between my Monday work as a pastor and getting ready to be a student in biblical imagery for spiritual formation class I'm currently in. As my mind slows down a bit I have some reflections (random though they may be)

I knew first service would be packed since the Bears played the early game (it was), but I was blown away when the second service was even more full. What a great start to our all church study!

The maze has attracted hundreds of kids this weekend. The kidsview staff and countless volunteers have made this a great way for kids to invite their friends. Half of the kids that have visited the maze this year are first time at Eastview. Praying God will bring these kids and families to know Jesus (if they don't already). As for me - no maze. I'm claustrophobic and had a bad experience as a kid in some carnival "house of mirrors". No thanks.

The theology questions continue to trickle in to J.K. and I via e-mail. We love answering these as we have the time...I'm finding a truth that I already knew. 99.9% of the questions have Scriptures that speak to them. The Bible has answers for our lives. Many people think God is distant and hard to get know, but so much is right there in His word.

Most of you like Martin Luther King as a civil rights leader (and of course he was), but he was also (and I secretly hope first and foremost) a member of the brotherhood of preachers. I know God positioned Him in a special way to help change American history. We have made progress as a nation (and still need more), but I still believe (and I think MLK would agree) that the answer for this is still in the preached word and not a social movement.

Two great new songs yesterday. One was written by our super talented worship leader - Matt Ludwig - just for this "give" study. The other called O the blood moved me to tears. What powerful words (or maybe I'm just a cry baby).

Finally, God is good when he gets even. Jim Probst made fun of me in between services because i forgot the name of one of our newest staff members (Jason Sniff - not Jason Smith who is also on staff). Then, as he welcomed everyone in our second service, he reviewed our new vision statement with everyone...and forgot the words. I was sitting on the front row laughing. That's the kind of nice guy I am.

One more thing, go check out our new web-site ( - it's good and we're making upgrades and improvements all the time.

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Anonymous said...

yep, the song was awesome, but you are still a crybaby. :-)