Monday, February 21, 2011

river walk

Today my walk with Jesus took place in San Antonio, TX. First time I've ever been to this town that I have heard about for many years. It is all it's cracked up to be...great American history, a very cool downtown, and great food and company. Sara and I are here because I spoke today at a Children's ministry conference for children's pastors of mega churches. You may think it's weird that I spoke for this event...and it is, but I think they asked me to for two reasons: 1) I was actually a children's pastor for six years (1987-1993) and taught youth ministry at Lincoln Christian College. 2) Our church used the word "ridiculous" in our new vision statement and "ridiculous" is the theme of their conference. So I was here to encourage some children's pastors who have a very dangerous and very important job. I said it here and I believe it..the greatest opportunity for life change our church has every week is in our children's ministry. I spoke in the afternoon. Which means I had the morning to reflect, study and live walk with God in a different place than Normal (you get the double entendre?)

Anyway, the only thing I've heard about San Antonio is the River Walk area. I was drawn to the river walk this morning for Starbucks and it is all it's cracked up to be. Basically it's a canal redirected off of the San Antonio river and it is lined with a cool walking/running trail (yeah I did my time there this morning), great restaurants and outdoor cafe's, and lots of cool shops and tons of people. It's a great place. Sara and I had lunch at one of the cafe's IN THE SUNSHINE and I was wearing shorts. Too nice. We also went into some hotel lobby called La Mansion because the lobby was built around St Mary's College established by some nuns in the early 1800's. Very cool...original building. Also hit San Fernando's Cathedral in the Main Plaza downtown...remains of Alamo heroes Davey Crockett and James Bowie are entombed there. I am not Catholic, but aside from some practices that are dangerously idolatrous, I love old catholic churches...this place is historic and lots of people of faith have prayed here. Very humbling.

Anyway, the session went well today. I felt like i connected and hopefully encouraged some pastors to keep going. I will say, it makes me highly value our Kidsview staff at Eastview even more than I already do. Our team is awesome. Wouldn't rather have anyone else!

In between everything today I was keeping touch with the emails and stuff with home. Everything seems tomorrow I get up early and head to a Sr. Pastor's mega church conference in California. It is one of my favorite times of the year. Through encouragement, prayer, talking, fellowship, friendship and laughter, my tank will be filled to do what i do.


Bob said...


If you're still there, check out the Alamo. It is amazing. Also, check out the bar at the Menger Hotel, where Teddy Roosevelt recruited his Roughriders (steps from the Alamo). The first venue has spritual implications, the second is just great American History!

Michael Swindell said...

Mike Baker! Ann and I loved getting the opportunity to hang with you and Sarah this weekend. You two are incredibly refreshing and the fact that you are proud of us and can relate to us is so amazing. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Michael Swindell said...

Mike! Thanks again for an incredibly refreshing breakfast this weekend! Ann and I are truly blessed by your lives, your love, and your compassion. The fact that you two are proud of us breathes life into these sometimes weary hearts.

I'm also glad to see you enjoying my homeland. My family used to travel to San Antonio on an every other year basis. It is an amazing culture and people. Glad to see it refreshing your soul.


Cherie said...

Hay Mike, glad you and Sara are getting some more warm weather. Bring it back home, won't you?

Wanted to let you know you are featured on my blog post today. Ten things I love about my church--yep, you're one of 'em.