Monday, February 28, 2011

what are sr. pastors like?

As you know I spent the last five days with a bunch (54 ish with wives) of Sr. Pastors of mega-churches. Some people ask me what that is like...well here are few observations about what Sr Pastors of mega-churches are like (some may surprise you):
1. Most of them are introverts. Believe it or not the people who lead thousands are often uncomfortable with large crowds. I am not one of these - as I'm sure you know.
2. Most are insecure. A lot of these guys don't know how they got where they are, and are afraid they might mess it up (paranoia is sometimes the feeling) or it might be taken away. Again, by shear ignorance, I'm not in this category either. I have NO confidence in my ability and Complete confidence in God having me here at Eastview and having someplace else when He's done with me being at Eastview.
3. Most are tired. Leading at this level is very draining on a emotional/spiritual level. At this thing, many just want to relax and laugh and not have to be "on".
4. Most have great challenges. Some I met this week are worried about staff. Some about their elders. Some have financial concerns. Some are facing retirement. Some don't feel like their preaching is what it should be. There is no absence of prayer requests when that time comes.
5. Most have great wives. One thing that marks this conference is the encouragement for the wives to hang out. These great leaders have great leaders that partner with them in ministry (this is my reality for sure).
6. Most of these guys have stronger leadership gifts than preaching gifts. I would consider myself the opposite of this. I've said before, "Some guys preach so that they can lead, I lead so that I can preach."
7. Most of these guys have a strong relationship with the Lord. That may seem like a weird thing to say, but it's not always apparent. I prayed and talked and pontificated (look it up:-) with at least 20 guys this week. And they are true Christ followers.
8. Most of these are disciplined guys. It may not surprise you, but these guys know how to get things done - goal oriented types.
9. Most of these guys are humble. All the guys I met have a clear appreciation for other pastors and don't put off an air of superiority because of their position or church size.
10. Most of these guys are in it for the long haul. Some of them are talking about retirement, but that's only to go to another kind of ministry. You do get too old to do this kind of ministry, but there are always other things to do. I hope to "retire" someday from Eastview (many years from now - Lord willing), but I'm going to preach until I die.


Anonymous said...

No matter the topic, I'm always encouraged after reading your posts. Thanks Mike.

Donna said...

Mike, since "mega churches" is a fairly new term for large-number churches, I think some numerically smaller churches can be "mega" evangelistic churches. Perhaps in smaller towns, etc.

As for "preaching until you die," this was true of my Dad. When he did not minister at a church full-time, he spoke on the radio, wrote articles in newspapers...all in smaller towns. Though dying of cancer, he spoke on the radio just the week before, wrote his last article about three weeks before. Everything he left involved spiritual things...sermon tapes, 45years worth of weekly church papers mailed to members and others (called The Challenger). He left a journal of people he performed marriages, baptisms, funerals for.

Pray you will be blessed to do likewise as you desire.

Anonymous said...

Did you find any correlation with Senior Pastors of Mega Churches and preference for Starbuck's? :)

Mike Baker said...

good point on the starbucks anonymous...can't really imagine being a preacher with the fuel of the Holy Spirit and a Quad Grande Americano :-)