Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter thoughts

Three services for the first time ever at this Eastview campus. Everything went great. Could we do this every Sunday? Yesterday seems to indicate "yes".

New tradition at my house for Easter: Me, Sara, the boys and Abby (mikey's girlfriend) enjoyed take out Chinese for lunch (Great Wall of course!). Actually read an article on how the Chinese church is restricted on Easter there was kind of a tie-in...and I love almond chicken.

Love to see the kids with all of their good clothes...brings back good memories of the specialness of the day.

When I was a kid, we used to go to sunrise services (literally - sunrise, usually outdoors) then we'd come into the church fellowship hall for biscuits and gravy before Sunday School. Yesterday the tech team was in before sunrise to make it all happen...and they served them biscuits and gravy in the video room. Sunrise service = biscuits and gravy.

One of the first people I saw yesterday when I came into our first service was Gary and Janet York. They were sitting in the back so Janet could help with baptisms. I love them and thanked God for the foundation of leadership and ministry they built in 32 years here.

Nicki Green, our petite pastor of involvement came off of her feet yesterday in one of the baptisms she performed. Her feet actually came off the ground. I would have paid money to see her flip into the baptistery. That would have gone viral on You Tube!
When you baptized dozens of people at a time, the baptistery area is soaked...and no one seems to mind. There is a joy back stage that is palpable as the Spirit moves in each and every heart towards new birth. I could be a pastor for 1,000 and I'll never get tired of seeing a face break through the water in spiritual resurrection!

Whenever I go to a Spanish speaking country, I always think that Spanish speaking people talk so fast..but yesterday one of our members who translates my sermon for some spanish speaking people in our church said she couldn't keep up with me :-)

People asked if I was especially tired after yesterday with three services. Not really, I just preached another sermon. The real heroes are the staff at Eastview and all of the volunteers they recruit and lead. Literally thousands of people gave sacrificially to serve yesterday.

Hundreds of people parked at the high school yesterday making room for our visitors. So blessed by everyone making that extra effort.

Is is any wonder that Easter is so "Spirit-filled" each year? We spent an entire week praying around the clock for it to be so. What is happening at Eastview? Why is God moving so powerfully? One word: Prayer!


Lizzie Harrell said...

I liked you're shirt on Easter!



sewhaley said...

How many in attendance on Easter?

Anonymous said...

Loved the shirt too!!! ;)

Anonymous said...

Loved the shirt too! ;)

Mike Baker said...

We had 7,455 - a new all time record for Eastview. Wow!
love ya,

Donna said...

The written testimonies of those being immersed into Christ are a good addition to e-News. It allows us to see the power of the Gospel as they accept Christ and picture the death, burial, resurrection as their confession of faith and promise to accept Him as Lord of their lives. Thank God for their lives and pray for their growing and maturing through the gift of the Holy Spirit.

Another inspiring service.

Just a Normal girl said...

Mike, First I loved your shirt. It was awesome! Second cramazing amount of people. The service was moving. I'll never forget my daughter being brave enough to walk in front of all those people to talk to you. That was the Holy Spirit. We didn't plan that ahead of time. She wanted to sit in the front row to see Mike play in the band. Then she said I want to be baptized. I'm so excited. I feel blessed for all that Eastview has done for my family. I love my church family.
love, georgette