Monday, April 18, 2011

Palm Sunday by name

Well, the excitement is building around here for Easter Sunday! After getting back from a planning retreat Saturday evening; i hit the ministry ground runnning. Here are some of the people I encountered yesterday by name: Gary - our worship intern led worship and did a great job Carlos - a 22 year old I met after second service, he is new to town and speaks broken English, but he was happy to be here and will return. Ethan - A little boy surrounded by parents, family and friends as we dedicated him to the Lord after second hour. Ashwin and Rekha - A couple I baptized yesterday evening at 5:30 as people packed in for our missions banquet and FUEL Pastor Manno - Our good brother and partner in ministry in Haiti. His presence blessed me. His prayers are more inspirational than my sermons. Barton - A good brother who has gone through the elder nomination process. Blessed by his heart for Eastview. Steve and Jenny - Small group leaders who hosted Sara and I last evening for a great time with their group. It is so cool to be with small groups who are functioning as family and growing in the faith. Mikey - In between meetings yesterday, I hit the couch for a nap, interupted by my oldest son Mikey. We had a good conversation - love him - he's one of my three favorite people in the world! Others - countless others I prayed with, talked to, hugged and saw yesterday whose names escape me now. I thank God for all these names because they are the people I have come to love.

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Anonymous said...

Awesome message yesterday Mike!
Thank you for your boldness and commitment to stand firm on the Truth of God's Word and not to be swayed by the opinions and tolerances of the world.
God Bless you!