Monday, June 20, 2011

a father's day

yesterday was just another sunday in so many ways...I did my sunday routine with coffee and prayer and bible in hand. a lot of people are on vacation this time of year...visiting dad etc... our worship band did a great "loud, proud dad medley" as an opener with several old rock tunes and we shot breakfast for our dads (twinkles) out of our worship canon. It was a fun service. and of course it was father's day so I got to choose lunch - chinese take out (low key and easy). Then i settled into the couch for a short nap, but only for a half hour or so...then I went into the backyard just to take in the day. It wasn't too hot so I spent time staring at the bunnies that have taken our yard over. and I reflected...first on my dad.

He's been gone for almost 15 years...that's a long time. I thought of him yesterday. Thought of all he had missed in my life. He visited Eastview in the old building, but never saw this campus and his son as the sr. pastor in this place that God is powerfully moving in. I imagined him telling me he was proud yesterday. He would have been - he was over-the-top optimistic. He loved preaching and church stuff and I know if I could still talk with him, we'd spend hours talking about Eastview and her ministry. and we'd talk about the reds. I really missed him yesterday...then before you know it my wife and two boys had joined me in lawn chairs on the back patio in the cool of the evening.

It was cool. I didn't beg them to spend time with me because it was father's day and we didn't plan anything at all. Just the woman i love and the boys I hope I'm a good father to. We laughed and talked trash (this is a guy thing, especially when your sons are 19 and 22) and talked about the summer and the future. we talked about relationships too. It was perfectly impromptu...a father's day blessing from God. i got to see my two boys...really close to manhood...still my little boys in so many ways. I hope when i'm gone they remember times like this...I know that I did and I will. well, let's stop there, my eyes are watering


Lisa said...

It's days like you described that make memories for a lifetime. Glad you enjoyed your day.

God Bless!

Anonymous said...

Sunday's at Eastview always leave a smile on my face(sometimes after wiping away tears of joy) Our family loves the church! Keep up the good work!