Monday, June 27, 2011

travel tips

well it is that time of year, when many of us are going on vacation. You can tell with church attendance and just the casualness of the season. It is laid back and of course, God designed rest for us to renew our energies and spend quality time with our families. I'm looking forward to some vacation soon myself. But how do I keep God in the forefront as I relax mentally and physically (it should be obvious that we shouldn't ever take a vacation from God). So here are a few traveling trips for you to stay connected to your faith while you are away.
1. Attend another church. Sara and I have been so blessed in our travels as we fellowship with complete strangers in complete unity. This may be a chance to try a church that is way different from yours - it's good to see how others worship ... and it makes you appreciate your church.
2. Don't forget to give to your church. Just because you are in Disney World, doesn't mean that real ministries with real needs are continuing back home. Your church still needs your financial support. Don't vacation from giving.
3. Use the outdoors as a great cathedral. Some of us will bein some beautiful places. Use the ocean, mountains, lakes, etc... to just take in God's greatness.
4. Read a Bible verse early in the morning. Make it a goal to get in the the Scripture early and let it be on your heart throughout the day. Read it to the entire family and then have them think about it all day.
5. Pray together at the end of the day. This can be a great way to recount all that has happened together and worshipping God as a family.
6. Play worship music in the car as you drive. This can help the attitude in the car as well.

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Britney said...

Mike, I am serving in Guatemala right now full time and I have been listening to your sermons online to stay plugged in with the church. I was really touched by the sermon on May 22nd, How Gentiles Got the Gospel. This is so applicable for the ministry that I am involved in. Many people in this community have awful pasts that are being redeemed. It is amazing! Check out my blog if you have a minute!
Britney Villhauer