Monday, December 19, 2011

all is well

There's an old hymn from my old church background called, "It is well". The message of the song is basically that no matter what happens, "it is well with my soul". Christmas is a time of year that brings natural reflection for me. The word "well" has double meaning for me right now as I sit in "the well" (the name for our new atrium) and reflect. The well is due to be finished for this week's Christmas Eve services. We had about 2/3 occupancy on Sunday and it was good to see everyone doing family in the new space. Did you know that behind the well (water feature/baptistry) upstairs is a prayer room designed to be a quiet place for devotion. Check it out if you haven't.
It is well with my soul right now because there is a place for taking a deep breath and thinking of all that God has done this year. He alone deserves all the credit for what has happened in my life and ministry this year. It has been a privilege to serve.

It is well with my soul because of the responses to yesterday's invitation time in both services. I never cease to be amazed at the way the Spirit moves so differently in each service, but there were sincere prayers, baptisms and decisions of repentance made as people came forward in each service. So blessed to know that God still is moving hearts.

It is well with my soul because there is some good family time coming's good to connect with family (even when they aren't as normal as you are...remember they are thinking the same thing!) I'll be in Cincinnati some and Indianapolis some. It will be a good time to just hang out, eat together, etc...

It is well with my soul because the traditional things of Christmas take me back to the story of the Christ child in a fresh new way each year. The music refreshes, the Christmas Eve service inspires, and the lights on the tree glitter with childhood wonder. Now, I need some snow!


NinjaPrincess said...

Love that song! I've never been able to sing the end, because I get choked up at "the trump shall resound and the Lord shall descend" every. single. time.

Anonymous said...

Now, Mike, if it snow as it has in the east, people will miss being with their loved ones as roads and airports will close.

Wait until after New Year's day for snow.