Monday, January 2, 2012

It's already slipping away

We just finished another year and it's likely that at some point, someone in our company said, "that year went so fast" or "it seems like we were just ringing in 2011" or "it's already 2012..,weren't we just worried about Y2K?". The point is that time seems to move by really quickly. It won't be long before we're saying the same things again at the end of this year. Why is that? Another thing I've found it interesting that older people claim that time goes by quicker the older you get! Why is that? The reality is that we all have 365 days (two are gone, but we get an extra since it's a leap year - so its almost a wash). I think 365 seems quicker the older you get because you are also accumulating years and we all know we only have so many of those. Younger people dont think about this because they assume they have so many more years ahead and frankly they want time to fly so that they can reach those milestones (16, 18, 21 - yea! I can drive, i can vote, i can drink!). sometime in your mid twenties you want time to slow down and I suspect this is when time starts going by faster.

Years going by really quickly probably reflect a reality that we spend many of our days, hours and years wasting time! The older you get you start wondering if these accumulated wasted years don't equal a wasted life! So let's resolve to remedy that this year. let's redeem the time as the Bible says, making the most if every minute, hour, and day. If we do, then these will add up to great years, and though time will still roll on, we will have lived life to the fullest. Here are some ways I hope to redeem my days this year:
1. Less time mindlessly watching t.v., playing video games, or spending time online (many hours and days are lost here).
2. More time seeking God in the world I live in. What is he doing in me? Who is He loving around me? Where is he leading me? What is awesome around me?
3. More time with face to face encounters with the people I love. Listen. Watch. Laugh. Share ideas. Care. Encourage. Hug. Pass the salt.
4. More time staring in silence...this really helps me feel every moment...every breath.

Well those are some will you redeem your time in 2012.

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