Monday, January 16, 2012


Yesterday we began a whole new rhythm at Eastview Christian Church with three Sunday morning services at 8:00, 9:45, 11:30. It was an awesome start, but the word for me this morning as I am reflecting and praying and just thinking is RHYTHM. It's not an easy word to spell (had to look it up) nor is it easy to maintain. I noticed yesterday for me, the staff and the congregation...the rhythm was just a bit off. Sleep patterns were different, preaching times were different, worship times were earlier or later, etc... Rhythm is the movement or patterned procedure and we all need it in our lives. How does all my life come together to proceed in a healthy pattern is the question.

And now I have to find that rhythm that will help me be at my best to preach three times every Sunday morning. I'm working on a new life rhythm. Here's what I much prayer do I need to preach well now? How much rest do I need on Saturday nights now? How will family and friends fit in with this? How much free time to make up for increased work time? It may seem like I'm over thinking it, but if I don't find a new rhythm, something will suffer. Whether it's begin too tired because of not enough rest, being harsh due to not enough prayer, or being stressed because I have no margin...spiritually speaking I must take control of my life rhythm. Maybe you should too.

By life rhythm, I'm talking about all the stuff that gives us our spiritual, emotional, and physical balance. All of our lives are either in rhythm OR they are out of rhythm. There are six parts of this rhythm that need to flow together: 1. family/relationships 2. prayer/meditation/time with God 3. work/calling 4. Play/exercise/nutrition (physical). 5. Rest/sleep 6. Free time/margin. God intends for all of these to be blessings but if they are out of sync or rhythm, the results are disastrous. So we all must find that rhythm...which of these is lacking and how can you balance it with the others to find rhythm in your life? I'm working on a new rhythm...hope you're working on yours.


Wayne Stewart said...

Mike, I think your comments are right on. It was different yesterday... and yet it was comfortingly consistent. The focus text and your message was a perfect reminder that at Eastview our rhythm is set by devotion to the apostles teaching, to fellowship, to breaking bread, and to prayer... it just happened three times yesterday rather than twice. I like that rhythm!

Anonymous said...

I wondered if you were exhausted after 3 sermons. We were there for number 2 and you did a great job as always. Thanks for the thoughts in your blog as well. I tend to think the rest and free time parts aren't as important as the work, etc so appreciate a reminder that those are part of God's plan as well