Monday, February 13, 2012


At the annual sr. Pastors conference I attend this week in San usual our attempts to be somewhere warm during the winter months has failed (it was 35 degrees this morning as I ran!). But I have already had breakfast with some great ministry friends...catching up on what God is doing in each others lives and churches. God is at work all over the place and it is humbling to be a part of His kingdom. I can't't tell you what it's like to chat with guys who do what I do. These guys understand the pressures, leadership challenges, and nuances of leadership that come from being a Sr. pastor...easy to relate to and a great place to be challenged.

Pray for me on Wednesday...I'll be leading the session on maintaining balance in life and ministry. This is one of the hazards of our calling as get so busy working for God, that you neglect family, friends, and even God Himself! So, I'm going to talk about examples of leading for God while balancing family (there are no good examples in Scripture, believe it or not) we'll have to learn from bad examples and each other's experience. I'll conclude with a panel discussion of ministry couples from all stages of experience and life and then lead table discussions on this important topic.

Ultimately, this discussion embodies what this conference is all about: Talking to someone who knows where you're coming from...listening to the wisdom of others who are on the journey, and encouraging each other to keep going in the strength of the Lord.

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