Monday, August 13, 2012

Sleepless back from Seattle

Sara and I got back from Seattle late this evening and have completed all the unpacking, sorting through the mail, and celebrating mom's 70th with a great time of laughing with both boys at home. We jetted from Eastview about half way through the last session of the leadership summit we hosted for the first time at Eastview. I was inspired on many levels...still processing...but quickly we shifted to getting to Seattle for the wedding of my oldest son's best friend's (Jesse Lanphear) wedding. Mikey was the best man and I was honored to do the wedding. Highlights from the weekend: 1. Standing in line at the original Starbucks on Pike Street for 45 minutes to get my coffee Saturday morning. It was an seeing Mt. Rushmore or the Grand Canyon (o.k. maybe that's an exageration). 2. The rehearsal dinner was held at a place called Pier 70 and a restaurant called Aqua. Really cool dining room that opened onto the pier and a great view of Puget Sound! Really cool sunset and great times talking with friends of Mikey. I love talking with a younger generation people. Fun to see their optimism and energy for life. 3. Watching a former youth group member marry another former youth group member. Leslie was beautiful coming down the aisle. I'm always reminded about the church being the bride of Christ and how beautiful we look to GOD because of His Son. 4. The view of the city and Puget Sound at night out of my 27th story window. Love the city at night 5. People dressed up fancy. I like casual, but we have become too casual sometimes...I think people look so nice dressed up for a wedding. 6. Church at a satellite church of Mar's Hill (Mark Driscoll) downtown on Sunday morning. It was really pretty cool...the sermon was a video feed and Mark preached for over one hour! 7. Thanks to some anti-biotics, I recovered from a really bad cold, sore throat, etc... Love the zpac and a three hour Saturday afternoon nap. Other than that, I didn't sleep too much I return tired and have a six a.m. breakfast appointment. Good night.

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