Monday, October 8, 2012

txt invitation

I have to say it was an incredible blessing and honor to share the stage in ministry with my son Caleb yesterday. He did the welcome, communion, and announcements in the big house and then preached to the Jr. Highers twice in Edge. He learned the value of the preacher's Sunday afternoon nap! It was hilarious that we both wore black shirts and gray pants we didn't plan that! As a dad, I thanked God for that special moment. But I was moved even deeper by our invitation time. At the end of the sermon we asked everyone to take out their phones and text an "I will" decision in response to the James sermon to be a doer of the word and not just a hearer! Each service responded with hundreds of "I will" statements with a commitment to do something to grow in their faith. As these texts of commitment scrolled on the screens we sang "Ancient Paths" the song that Matt wrote for this WALK series. God really is teaching us to walk with Him and seeing all the tangible steps that people are willing to make was inspiring! I know, texting doesn't seem very warm and spiritual...but when you read "I will love my wife better" and "I will not be angry in traffic" and "I will quit smoking and live better for God" you realize that thousands yesterday made a decision to take at least one step of faith... Didn't know if the text invitation would work or not...but God used it to inspire a congregation. Thanks to my tech guys who made it happen and thanks to God for the grace we respond to when living for HIM.

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