Monday, October 15, 2012


Recently I was in a meeting where several pastors revealed just how overwhelmed their schedules and demands had become for them. Honestly, for the most part, I don't feel stressed. I love being the preacher at Eastview Christian Church. It is more than I deserve and I daily thank God for the wonderful people He has placed me with. However, I have seen that as I get older and the church grows, there are more opportunities to do a lot of great things. The question is not whether something is a good thing to do or not..the question is whether God has called me to do it! There is a difference. I have spent much of the last three weeks talking with God, listening to Him and my spirit, talking with my wife and co-workers, and meditating on some of God's leaders in the Bible and have constructed my "yes" list. Once you establish "yes" then "no" becomes easier. I challenge you to try this. Below are seven things I am to say "yes" to all of the time...everything else is a "yes" for someone else...but NO for me. 1. rhythm - "yes" to balancing schedule between physical, mental, emotional and spiritual activities. 2. family - "yes" to Sara, Mikey, Caleb. Their schedules and their needs supersede all others. 3. preaching - "yes" to preaching the word of God, first at Eastview and then where other doors are opened. 4. leadership - "yes" to inspiring and leading other leaders - staff first and then others 5. vision - "yes" to every opportunity to promoting the vision that God has given Eastview Christian Church. 6. writing - "yes" to writing biblical material for spiritual growth - first for Eastview then others as doors open. 7. prayer - "yes" to praying many hours each week for personal growth, Eastview staff and elders and congregation. What's your "yes" list include. After you're done, write down some "no"s too!


pressingon said...

Pastor Mike, this is vital for committed followers of Christ - thank you for that example. As I look at my own life, the first 2 are fairly simple - a daily, continuing, growing relationship with Lord through His Word and prayer; and an increasingly loving, supportive, and thriving relationship with my family. However, after these, things become a bit more muddled. I see that I have some work to do...Of course, high on the list will be to continue in prayer for you, the staff and leadership of ECC, and God's continued blessing upon this ministry as we collectively seek to minister with impact to our community. You are a blessing to me and my family, and we thank God for you.

Laura Karr said...

This is a powerful concept. Every good no is in service to a higher yes! Thank you for your wisdom and example of living a life worthy of the calling! This is something I have been working on in my life lately... I still need a LOT of practice! #sayyes #sayno :-)

Jon Morrissette said...

A well-timed nugget of insight, so glad to read this today.