Monday, December 31, 2012

Resolutions,resolutions, resolutions

well, another year has come and gone. 365 days is a long time and the thing I think is most important about making resolutions for the New Year is reflecting on the 12 months that were just lived. I know, many don't like making resolutions (my wife is one of them) because it's just another day. "I should live every day resolved to be a better person" is the common response; and I agree. But you must admit, we measure our lives in days, and months and years...That means that 2013 is going to be labeled as something in your life. So I think it is a good Christian practice to assess years and ask God for help in the next. Below I offer some helpful questions for making your New Year's resolutions for 2013. 1. If you were to describe 2012 in one sentence or one word, what would that be? 2. What would you have changed about 2012? 3. Could you have changed what you wanted to change? 4. What would your closest friend tell you is something you should work on in your life? 5. What would you tell yourself that you need to change? 6. What spiritual step would you like to take in 2013? 7. What physical step would you like to take in 2013? 8. What people would you like to treat differently in 2013? 9. What do the people in your world need you to become in 2013? 10.What will be your biggest obstacles to becoming what you want to become? After answering these questions you should have at least four or five things that you can resolve to do or be in 2013. Now here's the suprise to this can't do it! We've all made and broken hundreds of resolutions, but it's a good exercise because it is an admission of weakness and a stated desire to do better and that's a good thing in God's economy. There's just one more step. Commit your list to God in prayer every day for the grace and strength to become what He wants to become. Happy 2013!

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