Monday, December 3, 2012


Well, I am finally on the mend after my teeth extractions (never want to do anything like that again!) and can begin to focus on my favorite time of the year. This morning I realized, I've actually missed some stuff due to this medical set back. I missed helping Sara decorate our tree - one of my favorite things - she did it while I held ice packs on my cheeks. I miss real, chewy, crunchy, solid food. Don't get me wrong, I like pudding, mash potatoes and soup, but man can not live on soft foods alone. Longing for cheese balls, potato chips, and steak...soon. Yesterday my plate of ham, cheees potatoes and green bean casserole looked like it had been through a drinking my ham! I missed putting lights on my preaching stool for Sunday...which I always do this time of year for Christmas...just was off my game last this week, we'll light up the stage a little more. I miss cold weather and snow. Remember when Central Illinois was known as "cold" in the winter? It hasn't snowed good here in a long time...and I miss it! I missed the last quarter of last night's football game...too tired to stay up, but my Cowboys pulled it out. I missed it,but I didn't miss it...the sleep was better. I miss having toys under the tree for little boys. Now that my sons are 24 and 21, we don't buy tons of stuff (they don't really need anything anyway) so my wife actually just gift wraps some boxes for looks. In all of this missing, the birth of Christ is still the center of our thoughts and worship. No matter what's "missed" this season. I pray that you won't miss this. Immanuel. God with us.


Lisa Huston said...

Sorry you're under the weather. Had no idea...your sermon yesterday was powerful. You didn't miss a beat...even the joke that 3rd service didn't quite "get". :) You could definitely feel God's presence in the church yesterday, it was amazing. Had goosebumps multiple times through the service. I did miss the lights on your stool though, isn't quite the same without. As always, I am so proud and blessed to go to Eastview, my extended family. God Bless you and your family this Christmas. Love ya!

Cherie said...

Sorry Mike, for your misery through all the yucky dental work. Can I constructively say I miss having a celebration over all that was Imagine? Felt it deserved a longer shout out than 30 seconds. How about a recap here? We prepared for months and months!!