Monday, January 28, 2013

trust to follow

You will not follow someone you do not trust! It is against our understanding as human beings. Conversely, if I trust someone, I will do anything they tell me to do because I can depend on them having my best interest in mind. In leadership, trust is everything. In reading some stuff about Moses today I came across two Scriptures that defined the stuff I want people to trust about me/in me. 1. I want people to trust that I have real relationship with God. In Exodus 19:9, God told Moses that he would speak to him from the mountain so that the people would trust him as he led them through the desert. God knew if Moses just came down from the mountain with some crazy ideas, the people would not follow, but if they knew that God talked with Moses - then they would trust Moses' words. How important is it for those who lead (any size of group, family, or movement) to really and truly have a prayer, Bible, listening, meditating, and Holy Spirit empowered relationship with God. If you follow God, I will listen to you. 2. I want people to trust that the great stuff done in my life is by God's power - I want to give Him the glory. In Numbers 20:12 God points out that Moses didn't trust God enough to honor Him in the sight of the people. This is the place where God told Moses to speak to the rock and God would bring forth water...instead Moses struck the rock and said, "must "we" bring water out"? There is no "we" in life giving miracles. It was God's power that provided and God kept Moses from the Promised Land because of this lack of trust. How important it is for me or any leader to continue to point people to God for His great work in their midst. As I lead, will I trust God enough to give him the glory due him? If you always point to God, I will follow you. Some stuff to consider on a Monday morning. I trust God and that's why I follow and what people trust about what we trust will determine if they follow or not!

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