Monday, July 15, 2013

preacher on vacation

What does a preacher do on vacation? Well, I don't know for sure, and I don't know why anyone might care, but I'll tell you what I did on my vacation today in Indianapolis...yes, I am vacationing in Indianapolis...until Friday-then I'm going to Arizona. Anyway, here are some of the highlights, not in any particular order. 1. I ran five miles. Training for a marathon doesn't take a vacation. 2. I sat at an outdoor table of Starbucks and watched people while I sipped an Americano. This is one of my favorite forms of entertainment. 3. I read the local paper. I am one of those old-school guys who still reads an actual paper made of...well, paper. But I usually skim through it. Today, however, I read it all...even some obituaries. 4. I took a nap (while finishing a biography of John Wyclif - enough to put anyone to sleep). 5. I read from the Bible, read from a daily devotional book, journaled and prayed this morning. I know you're thinking, you have to put that, you're a preacher - but I really did...with no distractions...nice! 6. Gave $1 to a street beggar. 7. Sat in a park by a fountain without a cell phone - no agenda - just thinking about nothing. This usually evolves into thinking about church, or my family, or staring at a squirrel. 8. Listened to Sara read facebook posts about my son Caleb preaching at Eastview yesterday - proud father. 9. Studied for a sermon I'm preaching this weekend at Central Christian Church of Arizona - sometimes preachers preach on vacation. 10. Watched the evening news with my best friend and wife. Well, not too exciting, but I'm on vacation...hopefully tomorrow will be just as boring.


Joie Valdez said...

Well pastor Baker, you may not believe this, but as a former member of ECC, I miss your sermons. But I've been awaiting your arrival in AZ and drove to Mesa today to hear you preach. I was bummed you left so quickly to the other campus. I wanted to say hello to you and Sara. But since we drove to see you just thought I would tell you I thoroughly enjoyed your service,.and look forward to your next visit to Arizona.

Diane H. said...

As much as we miss you two I will say that the past 2 week's sermons have been fantastic! Looking forward now to next Sunday. Praying for you to have a refreshing, and lovely time away!

Joie Valdez said...

My family and I drove out to Mesa this weekend to hear you speak. It was great. We left Illinois over 2 years ago and jumped at the opportunity to see you speak again. Its been difficult giving up a church we grew to love so much, but just wanted to say thank you for being such a great pastor.